Writing Goals 2012

Since 2005, writers have been sending in their writing goals and receiving monthly reminders to meet those goals.

What about you?

After reading these goals and those writers submitted in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 consider submitting your own via the form at www.writershelper.com/writing-goals.html.

I'm starting with my own. Some from last year were completed, others are still pending.

Audrey's writing goals

  1. Put current publications into epub files
  2. Ghostwrite Shelly's first book
--Audrey Owen, Gibsons, B.C., CANADA
Get Your Writing Fighting Fit
Amazing British Columbia

Veronica Davies' writing goals

  1. First draft completed by autumn 2012.
  2. Also, start that blog ! Considerably earlier than that :)
--Veronica Davies, New York, New York, USA

Ian Mathie's writing goals

  1. To get at least one more book published this year
  2. and to boost sales figures on the others.
  3. I would also like to be invited to speak at the Hay Festival and/or Cheltenham
--Ian Mathie, Fenny Compton, United Kingdom

Bob McNesby's writing goal

My goal is marketing my book through my website.

--Bob McNesby, Tucson, AZ, US

Virginia Balogh-Rosenthal's writing goal

Write on my blog a couple of times a month.

--Virginia Balogh, San Fransciso, CA, USA

Lynne Murray's writing goal

I would like to finish my book by the end of this year.

--Lynne Murray, London, United Kingdom

Eldon Miller's writing goal

To publish my book and finish my second one-first draft.

--Eldon Miller, Kansas City, MO, USA

Jenny Acosta's writing goal

i want to put my story plot into action every time i sit to do written all i had in my head ideas, quotes they vanish let me with no words to write....thank you

--jenny Acosta, Bronx, New York, USA

Joyce Briggs' writing goal

  1. I just want to be able to write proficient for self- gratification, college, and work related.
  2. The feeling of knowing that I am writing with required techniques.
  3. --Joyce Briggs, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Michele Smith's writing goal

    Home page- by 1-2 days. Change that.

    48 hours.

    1st 10 pages

    30 pages

    Build an email list by giving an e-book

    And ongoing basic training ( which is going through a process to ease into thinking critically.

    Within less than a month, as they have

    been written and problem is which ones

    for my target audience(s).

    --Michele Smith, Greensboro and West Haven, North Carolina & Connecticut, USA

    Mariam Akhtar's writing goal

    my goal is to be able to write a book that will capture ppls hearts this year.

    --Mariam Akhtar, United Kingdom

    Toan Nguyen's writing goal

    I am in University for over a year now and I find that my writing is nowhere close to where I wanted. I felt sad today when I got my mark back from my prof saying that I need to attend writing center to help me with my writing. My goal is to improve my writing skill and to prove to myself that I can surpass this obstacle.

    Thanks you so much for your help!

    --Toan Nguyen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Michelle Rose Walker's writing goal

    To finish my first novel really. Im young and want to start on my goal of becoming a writer. I need to make sure what i am doing is correct. My books that i write seem to be coming along but i keep getting this nagging feeling that im doing something wrong.

    --Michelle Rose Walker, Pahrump, Nevada, USA

    Writing goal of an anonymous writer

    Writing at least 15 000 words a month

    --Anonymous, Belgium

    Joanne Caspillo's writing goal

    It is always my dream to become a writer. If I will be given ample time, I want to write. But everytime I get a chance and hold a pen I feel this sudden rush of anxiety because I do not know how to start. It find it difficult to write the opening part of a story, article, etc. My goal for this year is to be able to complete 5 articles - with my own ideas and words.

    --Joanne Caspillo, Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines

    Annie Lee's writing goal

    r Outlying Islands Your Writing Goal: To finish my book about my widowhood of 195 pages by April 13, 2012.

    A complete chapter monthly

    Annie Lee, Savannah, GA 31415, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

    Bill Cox's writing goal

    Release two books - one on very basic underwater photography and a kids book. Both based on subjects of my underwater photos.

    --Bill Cox, Ashburn, VA, USA

    Marcella Simmons' writing goal

    One of my goals for 2012 is to finish my latest romance/suspense novel entitled ANYWHERE BUT THERE.

    You may read my first 4 chapters at my website.

    Let me know what you think of my novel so far and what I can do to make it better.

    --Marcella Simmons, Logansport, LA, USA

    Katherine Naiker's writing goal

    To write and publish a best selling a novel, which will develop into a series of best selling novels.

    --Katherine Naiker, Durban, South Africa

    Julie McCleary's writing goal

    To begin to publish articles I write.

    --Julie McCleary, Dallas, TX. USA

    Michael Serin's writing goals

    To write a first book this year and also articles for local newspapers.

    --Michael Serin, Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Writing goal for Anonymous

    I want to be enhance my written communication.

    --Anonymous, INDIA

    Akeem Oduola's writing goal

    Write a bestseller screenplay

    --Akeem Oduola, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

    Lorie Warren's writing goal

    I want to start a freelance writing career!

    Melissa Dingess's writing goal

    write a romance novel

    --Melissa Dingess, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

    Sandra Yellowback's writing goal

    I want to improve on essay writing.So I can pursue on a Master's degree.

    --Sandra Yellowback, God's Lake Narrows, Manitoba, CANADA

    F Q's writing goal

    I want to be a freelancer writer

    --F Q, Islamabad, Punjab, PAKISTAN

    Aldivam Silva's writing goal

    I want to write my first book. It's about Christians for I am one. So, please, help me out.

    --Aldivam Silva, Rio Grande do Norte, BRAZIL

    Gan Arumugan's writing goal

    I am 68 years of age and wish to become writer for police stories as I have a creative mind.

    --Gan Arumugan, Singapore

    Meet Arora's writing goal

    I wanna become a quality writer.i am plening to publish a book even working on it but i don't know how should i work on this way...and my writeups has a quality to genrate readers .I should start with articals or directly publish book or ebook......how do i identify that my writeups or book is quality writing and worth for read......

    --Meet Arora, Delhi, INDIA

    Sonny Dinger's writing goal

    I have a goal to publish, but need an evaluation on my writing. Will send a story soon.

    --Sonny Dinger, Patterson, Louisianna, USA

    Julia Pithoula's writing goal

    To finish my story and edit my previous one

    --Julia Pithoula, Halkida, Evia, GREECE

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