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Writers usually work alone. A self-published author can be more alone than other writers. That can be dangerous. With no feedback, a writer can keep repeating the same errors. With no support, a writer can give up and quit, sometimes when success is within reach.

I am a self-published author. Like many writers, I beat the aloneness of writing by attending a writing group. It's great to belong. I appreciate the critique I get. But I get more than critique. I hear how Laurel overcame her writing block, why Lana chose to put a scene into her story, and what Nanette was trying to accomplish with her piece. In each case, I'm sharing the writing lives of my fellow-members.

I hope you are able to find a good writing group for support and critique. Even though you and I aren't meeting in person, this site offers a group of sorts, a group of self published authors. 

I've asked other self-published authors to tell their stories here on the Writer's Helper site so you can feel yourself to be a part of the community of writers. Since this site is about editing, I'm most interested in stories about editing, but if you have another story about your writing, especially if you are a self-publishing author, I will consider using that, too.

Some of these stories will be testimonials to my work, since writers I've worked with may be more motivated to submit here. But I'm happy to share stories of work you've done with other professionals (or amateurs). 

Although I'd love to edit for you, I'm much more concerned that you publish a high quality book than that I have a direct hand in your work. So send your stories, no matter who stars in the tale. Because the stories of self-published authors add pages and credibility to my site, I offer a  discount on editing services as a thank you to the authors who contribute.

If I read a copy of your work, I will be happy to write a review of it and include a link from my site to yours.

Be realistic. People don't visit my site looking to buy books, so this will not be your main promotional endeavour. On the other hand, for the time and effort it takes to tell a piece of your story, you can have a link with an honest review of your book.

(As a self-published author, you do have a Web site, don't you? If not, I suggest you check out Ken Evoy's site. He has the best business-building Web services I've come across. Before I "met" Ken through his company, I had no idea how a writer could use the Internet to sell not only books, but also the knowledge that spawned the books. Even if you do have a Web site, have a peek at Ken's site. It will open up other avenues for promotion and profit.)

In the mean time, enjoy the stories of these self-published authors.

Lee's Story: The Cost of Not Hiring an Editor 

I love Lee's story because I watched her writing improve dramatically as she rewrote her book, Menus for a Month. Authors rightly want to know what editing will cost them. Lee shares what not having an editor cost her. 

Paul's Story: Full Time Writer

I appreciate Paul. He has a contagious enthusiasm and a vision for the self-publishing community. He makes a living writing. Check out his success story. 

Benjamin's Story: Who is Max Perkins?

Benjamin comes to writing from a background that includes university-level writing courses. He has insight into the effect of editing on famous authors.

JR's Story: First Book 

JR has just begun the process of having a second set of eyes look at his book and offer comments. If you are starting out as a publishing writer, you will appreciate his feelings as he opens himself to critique. 

Fred Ward's Story: Modern Gutenberg

After self-publishing nine books full of exquisite photographs, Fred Ward shares the changes in photographic reproduction.

Lynne Dickson's Story: Self-Publishing Timeline

How much time will it take to self publish a book? Lynne's story makes it plain: Longer than you think.

Richard Craze's Story: Marketing Ninja

Richard Craze is a self-published author who has gone on to establish White Ladder Press and who now publishes the work of others. In his story he gives a peek at his approach to marketing.

Alice Taylor's Story: My Life As a Dyslexic

Do you ever feel like writing is just too hard? Read the inspiring story of Alice, who is already a successfully published author and who continues to write even though she has to redo almost every word, sometimes over and over.

Ellen Frank's Story: My Literary Agent

Which professional are you hoping will magically appear on your doorstep to make your literary dreams come true? Find out the surprising place Ellen found her literary agent.

Rob Bennett's Story: Book Marketing and the Book Proposal Doctor

What is a book proposal doctor? Rob tells how he used a book proposal doctor's advice.

Stella Denommee's Story: Make Room For Illustrations

Stella, a writer/illustrator, attended a writing bootcamp. She shares what she learned from Canada's successful children's book professionals. 

Beverley A. Hoyles' Story: How To Write For IBook

Beverley took her self-published book to the iBook platform. She tells you how to do the same in six steps.

The self-published author needs many editing services. Check the home page for those you might need.

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