Sample Edit
To Polish Your Unique Project

A reputable editor offers a sample edit. The sample edit lets the writer and the editor check each other out without an expensive commitment. 

If you are in one of the categories below, a sample edit will give you priceless information about your writing and let you evaluate my services at the same time.

If you will self-publish. . .

Self-publishing allows you to say what you want in the way you want to say it. No one can turn down your submission or boss you around.

The downside is that unless you ask, no one can give you an opinion about your work. And unless you ask a professional, no one can tell you how to make your work better.

Your self-published work is about the words. Present yours at their best.

"Thanks again Audrey.

When I read your corrections they make so much sense.

It always reminds me that you don't need to be good at everything in this world. As a matter of fact I now feel it a short coming if somebody is trying to be the best at everything all the time.

It's good to perform. But sometimes it's just so valuable to make use of a specialist."

--Richard Batteram from web-design-success

If you want to submit to trade publishers. . .

Of manuscripts submitted for publication, only one in ten gets serious consideration. That one is likely written impeccably and presented professionally.

Budget cuts in publishing houses mean there is less money for in-house editing. If you want your work to be considered, you need a text that is, at least, correct. Better if it is also compelling from start to finish.

Imagine having your own editor to help you polish your work before you submit it.

If you want to know where you stand as a writer. . .

Many people write. Many think of publishing. Wouldn't you like to know where you stand in the world of writers?

If you want to improve as a writer. . .

Most editors fix mistakes and send back a corrected text. 

I offer an educative edit. You'll learn the reasons behind the changes. An educative edit dramatically improves the writing of my clients.

Your sample edit will be an educative edit. 

"I'm still not perfect, but I did learn about some consistent writing, punctuation, and grammar mistakes I was making. Becoming a better and better writer is another way to . . . stand out in the crowd! "

--Kimberly Luker

A Cadillac Sample Edit With A Kia Price Tag

The sample edit you get from me is a tutorial on your writing. 

I took a reputable writing course and paid US$800 for ten lessons. The critique on each lesson focused on only one aspect of my writing, the particular thrust of that one lesson. Other issues were left aside.

When I do a sample edit for you, I address all areas of your writing that appear in the sample. This goes far beyond spelling and punctuation. Your work is treated like publishable literature. You learn not only what needs to be fixed, but how to fix it. You receive recommendations about additional resources if appropriate.

Each writer has individual needs. You will receive comments on the things from this list that apply to your unique writing.














Potential legal issues (I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.)



Anything else that impacts how well your writing comes across to your intended reader.

You also get a quote for the full range of my editing services. . .
. . .a quote designed to match your unique writing style.

You get all that for a token fee. Not the US$80/lesson I paid for limited information. No, you will pay only US$20!

Even if you simply walk away at that point, you have a professional opinion on the work you submitted, your Cadillac at Kia prices.

But it gets even better. . .

Make Yours Free!

If you ever hire me as an editor, I deduct the sample edit fee from your bill, making the sample edit a free sample edit. That's right! No matter when you hire me, I will deduct the fee you paid for the sample edit from your bill.

2 Editors For The Price of One

Sometimes I have an editing intern. This is a great opportunity for you to get two editors for the price of one.

I am very choosey about the interns I take on, so this offer is not always available. Right now, I do not have an editing intern.

Promotion Code

From time to time I offer a special promotion code. If you have one, click to submit your selection for editing.

No promotion code?

Keep reading.

How To Get Your Sample Edit

You submit your sample text using the form below.

After you hit the submit button, you are taken to a confirmation page with a PayPal button. 

Clicking that button gives you options of how you will pay US$20 using PayPal's secure system. (Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account or a US$ account. PayPal looks after that.)

I get notification that you have paid and I match your payment to your submission. Your work gets in line and you receive your sample edit, usually within two weeks. Check Editor's Blog for expected return dates.

The value of the sample edit is far higher than the cost, so much higher that I can do only one sample edit per person.

Do not use this form if you have written in verse, have an academic paper, or have Web site copy to edit.

All others (And I am hoping that's you!). . .

Fill in this simple form today to have a professional edit of your unique project. 

Be sure you use plain text with no formatting, otherwise odd characters will show up at my end...

If you are not quite ready to submit your writing today, bookmark this site and sign up for Editor's Notes newsletter. Both are full of help for all writers and are free.

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