Editing Intern
2-For-1 Editing

From time to time, I take on an editing intern. This intern works with me to learn the business of editing. At the end of the internship, the editor has experience and skills and can apply for editing jobs with confidence.

An editing intern is good for my clients, too.

Clients who choose to work with the intern get two editors for the price of one. That's because both the intern and I edit your work. I check the intern's work before you see it, so you get only the intern's best. You also get my input. All this is at the same price you would pay if you had only me editing for you.

If you choose to work with an intern, you will be asked to give feedback on the intern's input into your writing. This allows the intern to improve, and to build up a bank of testimonials.

Do you think working with an intern editor would be a good choice for you? If so, when you fill in the form to submit your sample edit, check the button to tell me that's what you want.

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