How To Write For iBook
Feet First

by Beverley A. Hoyles

I didn't start off to write for ibook.

Traditional book publishers rarely look at an unsolicited manuscript by an unknown author. I knew that after Agent Query Letter 25 and Publisher#10. Yet I continued to forge ahead until I had made almost 200 submissions. That does not necessarily mean the manuscript I held in my hand was unworthy of publication. 

The alternative for me was self publishing. All my life savings and a large loan together gave me the incentive to bypass the not so friendly publisher and self publish. I found a good publishing house and the journey using Print-On-Demand technology [my book would be stored digitally, available instantly whenever ordered] began.

I dreamed of walking away with a premium printed copy of my book, of holding that bound copy in my hands, of flipping through the pages and breathing in the new paper smell, of carrying it in my handbag to show every person who would stop long enough for me to rant/rave/ rattle off about the necessity of getting a copy of my book. 

After 7 years, exhilarated and fearful, I published my book.  I did the usual book launch, newspapers, community show and sales, church blitz. 

Absolutely void of promotional skills and key friends, what was I to do. The more I searched and researched the social media, the more I realized ibooks a form of ebook was the way to get my book out there.

To-do list to write for ibook

If you have a Mac, word processor and high speed internet connection, you will be on your way to having your book available for ibooks to be downloaded to Apple users. 

  1. Write the Book [well that's a given]. 

  2. Convert to EPUB format [EPUB stands for electronic publication and it’s the accepted standard format for digital book publishing.] This allows people to read your book with that flipping of the page, pictures, page numbers, cover art etc. We must make sure we have a perfect quality for people to thoroughly enjoy our work. I used a free application called Calibre. Write for ibook on a MacWrite for ibook in Windows
  3. Get a unique [exclusive to your title] ISBN number for a nominal fee in the US, free in Canada.

    Don't fret there is a standard application form via email. These wonderful employees were very helpful to me in a smooth transition to my very own ISBN number.

  4. Get a Free ITunes Account Just go to their site and set up an account.

  5. Once you have your ITunes account you must upload the iBook to the Apple iBook Store servers using QuickTime. 

  6. Apply to be a part of the IBooksore distribution network at for an Apple approved iBookstore aggregator and remember you will be expected to pay fees for this service. Apply here.

Since I paid to have my book uploaded to iBooks and eBooks in my original contract, I let the professionals do the work for me.

iBooks was a smooth transition and my book Feet First is available on iBooks. Naturally I downloaded a copy for $9.99 onto my iPhone immediately.  

In 2012, I hope to put into practise my 'to do list' with 3 children's books that I have planned.

©2011 Beverley A. Hoyles Used by permission
Beverley is a mother of four who has ministered side by side with her husband/pastor for almost 30 years while simultaneously working for government and private agencies. She is the author of a colloquial & interpretive collection of stories, History of Nipper’s Harbour, Just Havin’ a Yarn. She was born & spent most of her life in Newfoundland & Labrador; now living in Ontario. Beverley recently published  Feet First: Steps to Survival, Forgiveness & Triumph,available at 

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