Writing Goals 2010

Since 2005, writers have been sending in their writing goals and receiving monthly reminders to meet those goals.

What about you?

After reading these goals and those writers submitted in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, consider submitting your own via the form at www.writershelper.com/writing-goals.html.

I'm starting with my own. Some from last year were completed, others are still pending.

Audrey's writing goals

  1. Get one new children's book ready for publication.
  2. Write one more e-course.
  3. Sell at least 200 copies of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit
  4. Write at least 20 pages for Shelly's Web site totallytortoise.com.
  5. Write lesson plans for the Web site AmazingBritishColumbia.com
  6. Sell at least 1500 copies of Amazing British Columbia
--Audrey Owen, Gibsons, B.C., CANADA
Get Your Writing Fighting Fit
Amazing British Columbia

Charlles' writing goal

My writing goal for 2010 is quite simple: write -- and publish -- one new book (or eBook) every single month of the year.

I've just started on January 01st. Now, there are only 11 missing!

--Charlles Nunes, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Iona's writing goal

To complete embroidery design book text, as well as relevant designs, and finished examples of projects

--Iona Lister, UK

Violet's writing goal

I want to finish my book by end of August, at least the writing of it.

-- Violet Moore, Steinbach, MB, CANADA

Ann's writing goals

To complete one short story by June and make it a good one.

--Ann Hayden, Dublin, IRELAND

Mushtaq's writing goal

Positive change in society.

--Mushtaq Ahmmad, Rwp.pk, Punjab, PAKISTAN

Alan's writing goal

To produce a children's book series which will eventually be produced into a children's television series.

--Alan Wybrow, Stratford, ON, CANADA

John Pezzullo's goal

I have had some interesting life experiences that I feel others might be interested in reading about.While helping my wife with her, genealogy we ran across a very interesting character,who I feel a book could be written about.

But I find myself doubting if I have the education to write it.

--John Pezzullo, Flatrock, MI, USA

Ashok Gupta's goal

To write many self help books. Subjects are ready.

--Ashok Gupta, Allahabad, UP, India

Pierce Bros' goal

My goal is to fullycraft an entertaining novel by the end of October!

Also scripts for college comedy drama!

And weekly freelance!I hope!

--Pierce Bros

Florence Tushemerirwe's goal

Manual completion by March 30th 2011

--Florence Tushemerirwe

Leslie Woodford's goals

  1. To write three ezine articles by the end of June.
  2. To update keywords on four of my webpages on www.yourlanguageguide.com

    --Leslie Woodford, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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