Writing Goals 2006

Throughout 2005 writers sent in their writing goals and received monthly reminders to meet those goals.

What about you?

After reading these goals and those writers submitted in 2005, consider submitting your own via the form at www.writershelper.com/writing-goals.html.

I'm starting with my own. Some from last year were completed, others are still pending.

Audrey's writing goals

  1. Get the alphabet book published.
  2. Write one more e-course.
  3. Write one e-book.
  4. Publish a blog on writing and publishing.
--Audrey Owen, Gibsons, B.C., CANADA

Anne Wayman's writing goal

the under earning book proposal

--Anne Wayman, San Diego, CA, USA

Charles House's writing goal

My goals are to listen read write to expand my knowledge and learn how to punctuate at 48 this is a challenge i accept

--Charles House, Bradford, ON, CANADA

Colin Dunbar's writing goal

I want finish and publish my FFTS ebook on my website.

--Colin Dunbar, Nigel, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Stella Denommee's writing goals

  1. To work with Audrey to complete my book: Face Your Fears, even re-name it. before March 2006
  2. To work with Audrey on my childrens rhyme book Nobody Farts Roses Just Ask Your Noses, complete by June 2006
  3. To begin a new book to follow Face Your Fears, subject of childrens book: God has a special purpose just for you.
    a. To consider other books making it a series.
--Stella Denommee, St. Laurent, Quebec, CANADA

Adi Dim's writing goals

  1. To make one creative writing course
  2. To write and publish articles on the net
  3. To write and publish my first book for children
--Adi Dim, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Dominique de Rooij's writing goals

  1. Add at least fifty pages of solid content to my website
  2. Write five to ten articles for general distribution
  3. Get back into writing columns; start off with writing six running-related columns for my website
--Dominique de Rooij, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Lang Ngo's writing goal

One new article per week about learning japanese from anime.

--Lang Ngo, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Charlles Nunes' writing goal

  1. Finish translating The Memorygrabber into Portuguese.
  2. Finish writing the e-book Learn Portuguese Now.
  3. Develop an e-course about the Portuguese language.
  4. Add 2 pages a week to my Web site.
  5. Improve my writing skills in English through reading and practicing.

Charlles Nunes, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Joan Scott's writing goal

Write one page daily

--Joan Scott, Rochester, Indiana, US

Vicki Edwards' writing goals

  1. I wish to have at least two books published this year.
  2. I want to establish myself as a freelance writer.
--Vicki Edwards, Montrose, Arkansas, US

Janice Kenefick's writing goals

To complete one chapter per month of my novel revision and to continue writing at least one non-fiction article or power point presentation for non-profit organization.

--Janice Kenefick, Surrey, BC, Canada

ReGena's writing goals

  1. read magazines and write reviews on magazines.
  2. write and submit devotionals.
  3. read at least 3 books per month.
--ReGena, Fort Worth Texas, US

Henry Banninger's writing goal

Adding one page to my website every week.

--Henry Banninger, Wodongo, Vitoria, AUSTRALIA

Jess Leggett's writing goals

Starting in September I will add several book reviews a week to my book website.

--Jess Leggett, Durango CO, US

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