Writing Goals 2008

Since 2005, writers have been sending sent in their writing goals and received monthly reminders to meet those goals.

What about you?

After reading these goals and those writers submitted in 2005, 2006, and 2007, consider submitting your own via the form at www.writershelper.com/writing-goals.html.

I'm starting with my own. Some from last year were completed, others are still pending.

Audrey's writing goals

  1. Get the alphabet book published.
  2. Write one more e-course.
  3. Sell at least 200 copies of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit
  4. Write one e-book.Write at least 50 pages for Shelly's Web site totallytortoise.com.
--Audrey Owen, Gibsons, B.C., CANADA

Joseph Atta-Fynn's writing goals

  1. Complete my writing Course.
  2. Write a book out of my final Dissertation
  3. Complete two e-books.
  4. Start two additional Websites
--Joseph Atta-Fynn, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jeanina Bartling's writing goals

  1. Get my book on devotionals for animal lovers published.
  2. Decide on the topic for my next book and get started at it.
--Jeanina Bartling, Mount Aukum, CA, USA

Anonymous writing goals

  1. Finish editing my novel: edit at least a page a day
  2. learn more poetry styles and try them out
  3. write more short stories and poetry without forgetting about my novel

Enid Edwards' writing goals

  • Finish reading Audrey's book - Jan.
  • Set reasonable timetable for rewriting/editing my novel.
  • Review and edit it using Audrey's ideas/guidelines - done by June/08.
  • Decide if I want to pay for an edit, and follow up.
  • Learn best ways to contact agents/ publishers/reps.
  • Learn benefits of options: -self-publish/publish/ebook?
  • Act on choice late in 2008.
  • Published in 2009!
--Enid Edwards, Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

Gartrell Wright's writing goals

My writing goal is simple in 2008 and beyond. My goal is to write, place my thoughts and experiences on paper!

-- Gartrell Wright, Washington, DC, USA

Jessica Jones' writing goals

  1. Write an entire story (one long and one short)
  2. Do well in my University writing courses and learn more from them
--Jessica Jones, Winnipeg, Canada

Carol Wilcox's writing goal

I will write for one hour every day for the next 6 weeks.

--Carol Wilcox, Mirror, Alberta

Gerard Goh's Writing Goals

  • Study skills
  • time management for students
  • student motivation
  • Study tips
  • Speed reading
  • Time management for college students
  • Procrastination
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Causes of procrastination
  • Stop procrastination
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Procrastination effects
  • Procrastination tips
  • Help with procrastination
  • Follow Templates for ideas- High Adsense Pages
--Gerard Goh, Melbourne, Australiawww.time-management-improvement.com

Susan's Writing Goals

To get my short fiction and my novel-length fiction published!

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