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Jun 30, 2007, Editor's Blog May 2007

Archive of posts for Editing Services Blog for May 2007. Items of interest for writers of e-books, tree books, and Web sites. Audrey researches so you can write.

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Jun 30, 2007, Editor's Blog April 2007

Archive of posts for Editing Services Blog for Arpil 2007. Items of interest for writers of e-books, tree books, and Web sites. Audrey researches so you can write.

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Jun 30, 2007, Are You A Blooker?

Blook, blooking, blooker. Is there a blook in your future? Learn about the newest in self-publishing.

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Jun 29, 2007, Blank Book

A blank book inspires a writer to write, but not all blank books are created equal. Which of these blank books would appeal to you or to a writer you know?

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Jun 27, 2007, Naming Contest

If you have a flare for titles, you might have a side career as a professional namer. Find out and enter Marcia Yudkin's naming contest.

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Jun 24, 2007, Non-Fiction Features for Children's Books

Up your changes of selling your non-fiction book by using the non-fiction features that teachers and librarians want and children enjoy.

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Jun 24, 2007, Baby Boomers Write

Baby boomers are in a unique postion as writers. Consider how boomers link past, present and future through writing.

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Jun 23, 2007, Articles on Writing

A collection of articles on writing for self publishing and other writers. These gems do not fit neatly into the structure of Writer's Helper, but are too good to leave off the site.

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Jun 21, 2007, Editor's Choice Announcement

Sign-up for the opt-in free writing contest alert! Editor's Choice editor, Audrey Owen, sends you an announcement of her quarterly writing contests and gives tips to improve your chances of winning.

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Jun 20, 2007, The Advantages of Editing Services Online

Using editing services online is more convenient and secure and saves on postage. Best of all, digital editing is fast. Submit a sample of your text for online editing.

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Jun 18, 2007, Submission Guidelines

Do you have a story about editing services or a solution to a writing problem? Share it with our clients and receive a discount on editing services. See our submission guidelines.

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Jun 16, 2007, 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published Book Review

Sad, but true that there are more reasons your book will not be published than that it will. Pat Walsh says the ratio is 78:14. Where does your book fall?

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Jun 15, 2007, Publishing Time Line

A Publishing time line is never what the writer expects. Even if the writer is also the publisher, time can play tricks on you.

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Jun 12, 2007, Heather Spears to Present Works

June 11, 2007Ineke Hughes250-833-5634

Internationally recognized writer and artist Heather Spears will show drawings, read new poems, and discuss her forthcoming new book, „The Creative Eve: an artist‚s guide to visual perception‰ during her upcoming visit to Salmon Arm.

A Canadian living in Denmark, Heather is a lifetime member of the League of Canadian Poets. She has held over 75 exhibitions of her art, and published 11 collections of poetry, three novels of speculative fiction, 3 books of drawings, and 1 crime novel. The awards she has garnered are too numerous to mention. They include the Pat Lowther Memorial Award in 1986, 1989 and 2002, and an honourable mention at the Wigtown Poetry Competition in 2006. Respected worldwide for her drawings of children and infants, she has illustrated numerous books, as well as drawing dance, theatre and courtrooms, including the Reena Virk Trials (1998-2000). In July, Heather will be offering two courses at Metchosin International School of the Arts in Victoria, BC. Her website, <>www.heatherspears.com, gives a comprehensive overview of her life and work as both an artist, and a writer.

An Evening with Heather Spears is being hosted by the Shuswap Association of Writers, and will be held on Sunday, June 24 at the Saga Public Art Gallery, located at #70 Hudson Street in downtown Salmon Arm. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets at the door only $7.00. Refreshments and door prizes will follow Heather‚s presentation. SAW gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the League of Canadian Poets. For more information, contact Les Ellenor at 250-832-7827 or visit the link below.

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Jun 11, 2007, Audrey the Editor Helper -- Editing Services for Self Publishing Writers

Present your message with clear, crisp writing. Use editing services to support you through on-line writing tips, substantive, line, and copy editing. Read other writers' stories.

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Jun 5, 2007, Are You Eligible for the Dave Greber Freelance Writers Award?

If you are a freelance writer who live in BC, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, check this out.

Jun 3, 2007, Writer's Helper Has A New Look

No, you haven't landed on Mars. Writer's Helper has a new look.

In the past, others have created my new looks and I've been grateful.

Thank you Gunnar, Rohit, and Richard. (Richard never worked on this site, but did do the top and left images of one of my other sites,retirementinvestigator.com.

I've learned from all of them, enough to take the plunge and do one of these revisions for myself.

The material here is still the same. I'm hoping it is more accessible. I have plans to add more content in the next few months.

If you have anything you wish you could find on this site, please let me know.

Jun 3, 2007, My Personal Marketing Experiment

Five years ago I began publishing The Primary Thing, a newsletter for Grade One, or first grade, teachers to give to the parents of their students.

As a teacher, I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible, so any school could afford it.

Then my problem became how to sell enough copies to pay for any advertising I did.

I could have spammed all the schools, but that isn't ethical. I did a mail-out, but that was complicated and expensive considering the rate of return and the low price tag.

The Primary Thing has been limping along with a small loyal following. . .

. . .until today.

I finally launched a sales page to make my newsletter known in cyberspace.

By rights, I should have put the page on a site of its own, but time pressures precluded that solution for now.

But even with my imperfect solution, I expect to gain significantly more subscriptions than in the past.

I'll keep you posted.

Watch this space in September go see how I've done.

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