In A Hurry?
You Need Editing Services Online

Editing services online appeal for many reasons. . .
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Cost
But the main reason most people make the move to online editing is
  • Speed!
An online editor is one who allows you to send digital files.

Once the editor has the material, she can proceed in one of two ways.
  • She can print out your text, edit it traditionally with a pen or pencil, and mail it back to you.
  • She can make corrections and comments directly within your text and e-mail the file back to you.
No waiting for snail mail either way. No losing your book in the mail.

Editing Services Online Delivers Speed
Two Ways

Not only does the manuscript travel at the speed of electrons, the client does not have to key in the changes the editor proposes. Whole sections can move with a simple click to "accept changes."

Most writers work with Word files. Word allows for Track Changes. With Track Changes, the editor can make suggested corrections to your work and send you either a clean copy or a marked version.

If you receive a marked version, you have the choice of whether or not to accept the changes.

Overwhelmingly, my clients prefer online editing services.

I can work with hard copy and do when that's what the client wants. (And I always print out the client's work to edit it before keying in changes. It's just easier to catch problems on a hard copy.)

But both my clients and I like the quick turn-around online editing services provide.

You can test out my editing services online by asking for a sample edit.

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