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Do you need editing services to fulfill your dream of publishing success? 

Of course you've done the best you can with your writing. You may even have asked Aunt Cindy; Mrs. Brown, your English teacher; or your best friend Jim to give you comments. 

As a self-publishing author, you may be in a hurry to get your words into print or online. Publishing houses hire editors to make sure their authors produce the best books possible. As an independent writer, you are on your own to find professional support. Hold yourself in check and get the help you need before you go to print. 

What do you need to make your self-published project the best it can be? 

Each project needs its own unique combination of editing services. 

Do you need

  • substantive editing for an overall critique that shows your troublesome writing habits or saves you from making fatal errors in structure?
  • line editing to make your writing consistent, smooth, and compelling so your reader moves effortlessly through your material?
  • copy editing to correct the grammar, spelling, and punctuation so your book doesn't look like a bride with ketchup on her dress?
  • educative editing, a service that uses your own work to guide you to a life-time of better writing that will give you ongoing confidence in your own writing based on knowledge?
You will find all of the above right here.

Read the testimonials from enthusiastic clients so you can easily see what others have thought of my editing services. There are other recommendations at LinkedIn

When you are ready to work with me, we begin with a sample edit on a short piece of your writing. Your returned edit also includes an individual quote for the full range of my services. In one go, you discover important ways to improve your writing, you know what I can do for you personally, and you know what it costs to edit your project at the level you choose. 

If you are not ready for editing, but want to improve your writing or learn more about self-publishing… 

Writer's Helper gives you

  • writing tips so you, the author, can create clear and compelling text with ease and elegance.
  • information on editing and publishing to put you ahead of the crowd in the rush to self publishing.
  • writing courses, some free, to meet your individual needs.
  • a free newsletter to inspire you and to give you additional information not on this site.

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In the mean time... 

...use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for. 

This site keeps growing over time. If you have a question or idea to share, you can post it directly to the site through the Writing Community page

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