How Much Does Editing Cost?

"How much will the editing cost for my book?"

What a reasonable question to ask. What a difficult question to answer!

It's much like asking, "How long is a piece of string?"

Editing costs are related to the time the editor spends on the job. Here are some factors that draw on the editor's time:
  • How complex is the material?
  • How skilled is the writer?
  • How easily do the editor and writer communicate?
  • How many errors are there in the writing?
  • How difficult is it to fix the errors?
  • Which type of editing does the writer need?

Check out the FAQ page for types of editing.

Some editors give a flat fee. So much money per word, regardless of how difficult it is to edit. I don't.

Every piece of work is unique and needs its own unique response from the editor.

No one works for free.

What do you suppose the one-price editor does when his clock for your project runs out?

There is a better way...

I offer a sample edit of 500 words. The client receives a detailed response to his or her writing. I include a quote for the various services I offer. (Sometimes writers send longer sections so I can get a picture of the overall structure. I skim the longer piece, but I can't afford the time to do sample detailed edits on more than 500 words. I love editing, but I do have to eat, too.)

Use the form here to submit your writing for a sample edit.

And just for fun, click here for find out what it costs if you don't hire an editor.

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