Writing A Web Site

You're a writer. Are you writing a Web site?

Writing a Web site is the newest way to self-publish and it may very well be the most profitable.

"Hard!" you say.

Not necessarily.

Thanks to technology, it is now possible for anyone who can keyboard to have a great-looking Web site. No HTML skills needed.

What is needed, is great content presented in a compelling way. And this is where I see writers having an edge.

Writers are full of content. We are all researchers by nature, whether our research is formal or informal. We know things...

... and we are driven to share.

TA-DA! Enter the Internet, the information highway -- the place an increasing number of people go to find the answer to whatever question pops into the mind on the spur of the moment.

Isn't this a marriage made in heaven? People looking for information meet people with information -- people with information who can write!

And there is money to be made in publishing on the Internet. This is what opened my eyes and got me this site.

Get help finding your own business opportunity online.

The basics of writing Web site copy are here.

Once you're done writing your Web site you may need editing services to help you polish it.

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