The Writing Contest
Everyone Wins!
Animal Tale

How will you handle this writing contest? 
Tell the tale of an animal 
or its tail?

Specifications: Write fiction or non-fiction on the subject of any animal. Write in any genre for any age group. 

Submission Requirements: 

  • An original, unpublished piece not accepted by any publisher at the time of submission. 
  • Must have fewer than 1,000 words, typed double-spaced on 81/2 X 11 inch paper. 
  • Must have a title page with the author's name and address, e-mail address, the title of the piece and the word count. 
  • All following pages must have only the title of the piece as identification. 
  • Must be accompanied by an entry fee of $10.00, made payable to Audrey Owen. (Receipts will be issued by Steppingstone Resources.) American and other international entrants are asked to send international money orders for US $10.00. 
  • Multiple entries are allowed. Each must be submitted with its own fee. 
  • Must be free of pornographic content and must not promote racism or sexism. As young writers visit this site, strong language may be edited from published pieces. 
  • Must be postmarked by March 31, 2005.

Judging: An independent reader will open and record all entries. Each entry will be given an identifying number. The editor, Audrey Owen, will read and judge each entry. Her decision is final.

Winners: The winner will be announced on this site by April 30, 2005. All writing contest entrants will receive a brief critique (approximately 100 words) by Audrey Owen. 

First place prize in this writing contest is a choice of
OR a credit of $50.00 CDN ($35.00 US) on future editing.

Steppingstone Resources receives first rights to the prize-winning manuscript. The winning entry is posted on this site. All other rights revert to the authors on April 30, 2005.

Address: Send entries to Steppingstone Resources
Writing Contest
494 Eaglecrest Drive
Gibsons, B.C.
V0N 1V8

Check out this site's writing tips before submitting to the writing contest.

Animal Tale Contest Winner--Trudy Ruck

A writing contest is only one feature of this web site. Check out other editing services offered here.

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