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October 2008

Oct 25, 2008, The delivery of writing is a gift

A lot of people focus more on structure of the writing than on what they want to write about. It is best to know what exactly you want to write

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Oct 18, 2008, When they just won't shut up.....

Despite what many people say, you don't have to write every single day. Write when something comes to you. When your characters just won't shut up in

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Oct 17, 2008, The Religion Factor In Editing

Why do some editors take out the parts of an article that speak of

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Oct 16, 2008, Writers' Workshops

Audrey Owen, editor at Writer's Helper, offers writers' workshops on the art, the science, and the economics of writing. (Most useful for those in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest region, al

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Oct 14, 2008, Pesky writing problem...

Hi So on your writer's help page you used the example of the incorrectly written sentence,Patting the baby's back, she burped. (When written this way,

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Oct 8, 2008, Don't Listen

Ever have someone tell you that you will never be a writer? I have, time and time again, and I'm only 13! Don't listen to the critics. Follow your

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