Too much noise? Don't give up!

by Jaywing{A writer's dream}
(Somewhere out there.)

Hey! You start writing a book and are soooo happy about it...but 2 weeks later:

Author:"This is getting boring.I don't want to write this book anymore.Let me see,I'll go to Starbucks and get a coffee and then just delete everything I wrote."


Never ever ever ever EVER give up.You might get bored writing a book...just have a pause for a week.You might get writer's block.Just wait for inspiration.But NEVER ever ever EVER delete what you wrote.I did that once and regret it to this day.It could have been great if I didn't get bored.I would have tried to publish it,maybe.

Also,another thing.Don't use noisy tag lines! It gets very annoying and hard to read and breaks the flow of dialogue.Look here:

"Help!"Joy's shout pierced his ears.
"Joy!No!"Evan cried.
"There's nothing you can do,"Jen hissed.
"Yes,there must be something!"he whimpered.
"No,there isn't.She would have went there anyways.It's just too dangerous to go there in the dark.We'll look for her in the morning,"Jen proclaimed with an authoritative voice.
"Promise?"Evan asked.
"Yes,"she laughed bitterly.

No,no,no.This is a very exciting situation.You want the dialogue to go quickly.Look at this:

"Joy!No!Why'd you go in there?"Evan's eyes misted.
"There's nothing you can do,"his friend Jen said.
"Yes,there must be something!"
"No,there isn't.She would have gone in there anyways."
"I don't care."
"It's too dangerous to go in there now.Wait 'til morning and then I'll help you."
"Promise?"Evan looked at the two blue pools looking at him.

That gives it some more flow.It's just...strange when you have a page full of hissed,laughed,whined,sang,creaked,and chirruped.And that makes it too noisy.You don't want your reader to be deafened.

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