Stan Dixon as Self Publisher

Stan Dixon self publisherI've known Stan Dixon for years as a local politician. Nationally, he is known as the chief of the Shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation who guided his people to become the first to gain self government.

Stan Dixon's Publishing Inspiration

Stan is also a self-publishing writer. As part of the group of independent writers at the Sunshine Coast Writers' Festival, he graciously allowed me to interview him about his self-publishing journey. This article is about what inspired his writing and why he chose to self publish.

In 1986, the Shíshálh Nation became an independent self-governing body. As the Sechelt Indian Government District, it has jurisdiction over its lands and has the authority to provide services and education for its members. Stan Dixon was the chief during the negotiations and at the signing of the agreement that took his nation out from under the Indian Act.

Stan continued in politics, running both within his nation and in the broader community.

Stan took notes on the meetings he attended. These were lost when a transformer blew, destroying his computer files. Then in 2006, Stan had a stroke that was followed by other health issues. Healing is taking time. He decided to use that time to recollect and record the material he had lost.

Stan wants others to understand what was behind the negotiations in the hope that others can use the work the Shíshálh Nation has done to further additional negotiations toward self-government.

Why Stan Dixon Self Publishes

Stan's main reason for self publishing has to do with time. When a book goes to a trade publisher, the writer usually waits about two years to see his work in print. As a self-publisher, Stan was able to see his work in print immediately.

Stan also believed he could create his work for less if he self published.

You can email Stan for more information at kahtou AT (Replace AT with the @ sign.)

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