Righteous Heros and Villians.

by Ariana Hart

Sure, we all love the all around good guy and the bad guy with a die hard vengeance. However, it is a played out cliche. Try this for both:

-Give them a similar cause, but have them go about reaching it differently (example: From X-men Charles Xavier and Magneto both want mutant acceptance, however, one believes in collaboration with the "enemy" (normal humans) while the other believes the enemy is inferior and incapable of cooperation)

-Make them relateable: Don't just make them buff hunks/ hot babes and deranged lunatics in their mid 30's. Not all of us look like a million bucks or a misunderstood bank accountant. Make them real; make them into everyday people with personality. Perhaps our protagonist is a stubby, school janitor with nine fingers due to a wood shop accident in the 11th grade and his counter part is a self absorbed football jock who defaces school property. They don't have to be completely superficial.

-Give them limits. As stated, they are humans. They have strengths and weaknesses. Try to become that villain and that hero and, like in a game of chess, act out every move they are going to pull off next. Don't make the villain go omniscient or else how can you hero defeat him/her? Work heavily along their weaknesses: whether it be to rubidium sulfide or plain chocolate, make it something they will undoubtedly fall for...just not too willingly. (Remember, they have to put up a fight too, it's chess...)

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