Perspective, Perspective, Perspective!!!

by Jason Judkins
(Concord, CA, USA)

When writing chapters of a fiction novel, the author will sometimes be tempted to give a thought, action, or consideration from a different character than who the chapter is actually about.

Switching perspectives while telling a story can often times cause confusion on the part of the reader.

For example, if you are writing a story about 'David' and 'David's' interactions, you do not want to pause that flow to insert a paragraph or commentary that comes from another source such as the "man observing David".


This can be a challenge when trying to improve character development, but it is always possible to rewrite a thought from the perspective of the subject in a particular chapter.

If this is a challenge, consider creating a parallel section within the chapter that is dedicated to the person you are trying to develop. Or, save that development information for another chapter that involves the character again.

Remember, perspective changes can be very confusing to read!

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