Jan Jensen
Writing the Personal Journey

Jan JensenJan is an energetic, enthusiastic, and caring person. These characteristics made her a great teacher. But Jan left teaching to pursue other avenues.

These days, Jan holds retreats where she teaches Nia and body energetics. She has also produced cookbooks. In all these things, she wants to help women connect to their own power through sensory awareness so they can make their own decisions.

Her books, like her other endeavours have grown out of who she is. As she says, "I'm always giving advice. My books are my soapbox."

Her cookbook, Recipes for Loving the Body You're In, is a collection of what she's learned on her own personal journey. She likes recipes that are easy and food that tastes great.

Among the self-publishing writers at the Sunshine Coast Writers' Festival, Jan is the one who most successfully marries her writing with the rest of her work. This means that she has a market for her books in the people who come to her for physical exercise. On the other side, when she sells her books, she has a chance to invite people to her classes.

This works so well for Jan because there is a unifying principle that underlies everything she does. Her writing is part of her personal journey, a journey she is happy to share with others she meets along the way.

Jan chose to self publish for two reasons. She didn't feel ready for anything else because she had only twenty-five recipes to begin with. She also didn't know the process for traditional publishing.

One year on, Jan has continued to grow. She now has two cookbooks containing over 100 recipes. For now, self-publishing is working for her.

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