Gillian Kydd
Writing Mysteries For Children

Gillian KyddGillian Kydd was a teacher who decried the dearth of good Canadian kids' books with local content. She was tired of reading books with American and British settings and characters.

So she wrote an excellent mystery for children. Secrets of the Creek is a huge local hit. But it is much more. This is a book that would delight the heart of any Intermediate school teacher or librarian. Children devour this short book. Even the elderly who have trouble with longer stories can follow this because of the pace and the high interest.

Gillian had submitted her book to multiple publishers over time. No one was willing to take it on. But when Gillian shared the book with a local school classroom, the reaction of the children prompted her to self-publish. If the actual audience wants the book, what more can you ask for?

Gillian's books do not stay on local books shelves for long.

There is a new book in Gillian's head, and those of us who know the first one can hardly wait.

Secrets of the Creek

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