Donna Stevenson
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Donna StevensonDonna Stevenson sighted a log boom in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of BC, a common enough happening. But this particular boom was covered with 200 seals. When the boom stopped, the hitch-hiking seals slid into the water.

Later, she went on a cruise up the coast of BC with friends where she saw more seals catching a ride. The idea for a story popped into her head.

Donna was learning to use water colours and began to paint the story, Seal Boom Cruise. The result was a charming book in which she is both the author and the illustrator.

Donna went on to write and illustrate two more books about the hitchhiking seals.

With just a little imagination, Donna turned an everyday event into a story that sells well to grandparents who want to share their home with grandchildren, many of whom live far from the coast.

No matter where a writer lives, there are things to observe and write about.

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