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If you are on this page, you should have completed the free course, Writing Verse for Children. If you have not completed the course, you must do so before you submit a verse for editing.

Background On Editing Verse

I offer sample edits for prose. A sample edit carries no obligation, but I do use the sample edit to decide on the quotes for further services should a writer want to use my services later.

Sometimes writers have sent me verses to edit. In every case that someone has sent me a verse to edit, I could not afford the time to do a full sample edit that would explain everything I've put into the course you just completed. Writers could take college courses for the fee I would have to charge for editing their verse. I wouldn't even presume to suggest someone pay me that rate. Instead I have advised that the writers revert to prose.

Now that the course is complete, I believe that writers have a much better chance of submitting verses that at least fit within the basic framework of verse.

Because editing verse is so much more time-consuming than editing prose, I will now be charging a nominal fee to edit a sample verse.

How To Submit A Sample Verse

The sample verse you submit may be up to 10 lines. It can have fewer lines, but not more.

The verse must be written in the from I've used in the course with the stress and feet marked and the rhyme scheme noted at the end of each line.

The verse must be submitted in the form below.

The verse must be in unformatted text. This means not in Word, for example, but in notepad or an e-mail text. If you do not do this, the text can be corrupted with odd characters when it arrives at my computer. I do not edit these odd characters because I cannot be sure what they replace. That means you get a less valuable edit.

What Happens Next?

When you submit the form, I receive the text on my computer. Depending on my work load, you can expect to receive an invoice from me within two weeks. The invoice will ask you for $US 20.

When you submit payment, I put your verse in line for editing. Again, depending on how much work is sitting on my desk, you can expect to have the response within two weeks.

If I cannot send the response within two weeks of receiving your payment, I will contact you with the option of waiting or of having your money returned. The return will be through PayPal.

What Do You Receive For $20?

I will check your rhythm and your rhyme. If there are problems, I will tell you what and where they are. If I can see a way to fix the problem, I will share that insight with you. Sometimes, but not always, I can give you alternate wording. The better your original, the more likely it is that I can give helpful suggestions that will work.

I will comment on the overall value of your work. I will tell you whether, in my opinion, the work is worth submitting to a publisher or taking to print yourself.

NOTE: I can make no guarantee that anyone will accept your edited work or that if you self-publish your verse anyone will buy it.

I will include a quote for further editing services related to your poem.

NOTE: You are under no obligation to use my services.

Submit Verse

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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