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When you give a writer a gift certificate for editing services, you show that you care about the writer and that you believe in the writer's work.

Writers work alone. The support of friends and family means a great deal when a writer faces difficult times -- and all writers have difficult times.

Every writer under contract to a trade publisher is edited, usually in at least three rounds. The editor and the writer become collaborators in the production of the book.

The editor believes in the work, just like you do. The editor has special skills that can make the writing better.

When friends and family offer opinions or advice, the personal relationship usually gets in the way. The friend may not know how to help...
...or the friend may be afraid to give the hard truths.

The editor, with both experience and personal distance steps in with professional help.

Most self-publishing writers do not have the budget to pay for the same amount of editing service as author whjo publishes with a traditional publishing house. Your investment will give your favorite writer a professional boost.

Buying the gift certificate is easy. With a few clicks, you can buy the certificate, the recipient will be notified, and when the writer is ready, (s)he can cash in your thoughtful gift.

You pay PayPal. In turn, PayPal notifies the writer of your generosity and holds the funds in a dedicated account until the writer tells PayPal to release the funds. PayPal gives clear instructions at each step of the way.

I add my personal guarantee to that of PayPal.

If either you or the writer choose to cancel the gift certificate, either of you can do so at any time.

For your convenience, the gift certificates come in a variety of denominations and currencies. Please use only one currency for each writer as multiple certificates can be cashed in for one purchase only if they are all in the same currency. For example, if you buy a certificate for US$100 and a certificate for US$500, the writer may cash both in at one time.

But if you buy a certificate for US$100 and a certificate for £500, the writer may cash in only one per purchase.

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