"Can You Recommend A
Free Resume Writer?"

I don't do resumes, so people want to know where to find a free resume writer.

First of all, please don't expect another person to write your resume for free unless that person really, really loves and adores you.

A resume is a sales letter that sells you. So whoever writes it needs to spend time carefully thinking about what to include, how to arrange it, and how to word it.

Only you have the information that needs to go into your resume. So in many ways, you are the best person to write your own resume. There is free help available.

What Kind Of Free Resume Writer
Suits You Best?

  • Free resume writing advice on Web sites
    Many companies that offer professional resume writing services offer free resume writing advice on their Web sites. It's a good idea to start with as much free general information as you can.

  • Free trial resume software
    Companies that sell resume writing software often have a free trial period. If you choose this way to get a free resume writer, be sure to mark your calendar or the deadline will pass and you will be left with a credit card bill.

  • Online resume writer
    I tried out an online form for a friend who wanted a resume. Filling in the form online was easy. The form I used had a free and a paid setting. The free setting didn't let me finish the resume, so this will work as a free resume writer only if you don't want a whole resume.

  • Download a free resume template
    Many Web sites allow you to download a Word document that is already formatted. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

How To Use A Free Resume Writer

My best advice is to scoop up as many examples as you can that seem to apply to your situation. At a minimum, examine three. From there, devise your own resume.

If you worry at all about your ability to express yourself in print, skip free and go straight to a professional resume writer.

If you get the job, it will be worth it.

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