Find Out Before You Choose
Editing Services

Find Out Why You Are Writing

What are your writing goals?

Do you want to sell to trade publishers? Or will you self-publish a tree book, ebook, or Web site? Maybe you write for your boss, or for your college or university instructor. You may simply want to write better because you prefer to be good at whatever you do.

Anyone who writes may consider using editing services at some time. Your writing goals can help you to choose which editing services are right for you.

Find Out About Levels Of Editing

When most people hear the word editing, they think of corrections to spelling and punctuation. That's part of the story. Editors offer .
  • Substantive editing provides a critique for the overall structure of your work and points out recurring problems.
  • Line editing makes writing consistent, smooth, and compelling by working at the paragraph level.
  • Copy editing corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Proofreading ensures that the final printed copy reflects the changes the writer or editor makes show up as intended.
  • Other services include specialty work like formatting text, indexing, transcribing, and others.

Find Out What Makes For Good Writing

The more you know about good writing, the more likely you are to correctly evaluate your own need for editing services. Both the
general writing tips and the specific tips for special kinds of writing on this Web site help you to become a better writer by making you a more intentional writer.

Find Out About The Editor You Want To Hire

When you find an editor, make three checks.
  • Check the editor's qualifications. This can be difficult because there are no universally accepted requirements to be an editor as there are to be a teacher or a doctor. Look for memberships in professional organizations.
  • Check client testimonials. Editors stay in the background in the writing world. We make our clients look good. It's priceless when a client agrees to say, “I used this editor and was happy with the result.”
  • Get a sample edit. The best way to know what editing services can do for you is to take an editor for a test drive.

Do YOU Need Editing Services?

When you've found out all you need to find out, decide whether you need to pay for editing services. Most people who visit Writer's Helper never hire an editor even though their work could use improvement.

These people choose to self-edit.

However you decide to access editing services, Writer's Helper is here to help you become a better writer.

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