Ebook Affiliate Program

I write, you profit!

That's right. Without writing a word, you can earn money by promoting my ebook. It takes only a minute or two to join my ebook affiliate program. Cover Image for ebook affiliate program of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

Others are already taking advantage of this opportunity. With a link from your Web site or newsletter, you could be earning 50% commission for each sale.

Since I posted my ebook on the ClickBank marketplace, I have had a successful ebook affiliate program -- successful for me and successful for the ebook affiliates.

I do all the hard selling on my ebook sales page. All you have to do is link to that page with your personal ClickBank code, called a hop link.

ClickBank takes the orders from my customers. Then they pay me and those who have signed up for my ebook affiliate program. They handle payments through bank accounts and payments through credit cards. For you and me, the whole system is automated.

For you, all of this is FREE!

How To Join My Ebook Affilate Program

You need a ClickBank account. That's free to you.

Once you have your account, ClickBank will give you a special HTML code that you can use on your Web site or in your newsletter. You can even write it out and give it to friends offline if you want to. If anyone uses that code to buy my ebook, you get 50% of the net sale.

This link will take you to ClickBank where you can sign up for my ebook affiliate program. If you don't have a ClickBank account already, you will follow the link at the bottom of the new page that opens. If you are already a ClickBank affiliate, follow this link to create your own special hoplink and start selling my ebook right away .

Once you have a ClickBank account, you can sell other digital products as well as my ebooks. ClickBank has thousands of products you can sell as an affiliate. You don't have to create them, only promote them to people who already trust your recommendations.

Because all these products are digital, they are available instantly 24/7.

Promote My Ebook

Cover Image for ebook affiliate program of Get Your Writing Fighting FitCopy this cover graphic to use in your promotion as part of my ebook affiliate program. Just right click the image and choose "Save Image As" (or whatever your computer offers that looks similar). Mac users, use Control+Click.

Interested in more information on affiliate marketing? Follow this link to learn how to make more while working less.

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