Editor's Blog January 2008

Jan 15, 2008, Announcing The Launch of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit!

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit: Ebook about Self-editing

At last!

At last for me and at last for you. . .

Like any other writer, I'm heaving a huge sigh of relief as I see my book in the marketplace. It's an ebook, so seeing it is a relative term, but I've clicked all the links and they work, so I know others can hold my book in their hands or read it from their computer screens.

At last for you because if you are a writer on a budget -- and who isn't -- there is finally a book to help you edit your own work.

I feel so good about making this book available to all the writers who wish they could afford to hire an editor, but can't.

This allows me to help a whole new group of writers I couldn't take time to help before.

Thanks to those of you who walked with me on this path to publication.

My best wishes to all writers who choose to self-edit!

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