Editor's Blog December 2006

Dec 8, 2006, Self-Publishing -- Pros and Cons

Thinking of self-publishing? Many writers are choosing this route. Before you decide, consider the pros and cons.

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Dec 3, 2006, Free Writing Courses

Audrey Owen, editor at Writer's Helper, offers free writing courses from her site. Learn how to write correctly, and powerfully. One specific course on writing for the web.

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Dec 2, 2006, Editor's Blog

Breaking news on writing, editing, and self-publishing. Reminders of good writing principles. Editor's Blog keeps you abreast of issues related to your craft. Audrey researches so you can write.

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Dec 2, 2006, Rhyming Dictionary

What should you consider when you buy a rhyming dictionary? Links to suggested rhyming dictionaries.

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Dec 2, 2006, Write a Report

Add a report or an e-course to spice up affiliate offers. Learn how.

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