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Editor's Notes #31, Decmber 31, 2005 -- Free Writing Course Launches, Set Writing Goals
December 31, 2005

Some rhyme a neebor’s name to lash;
Some rhyme (vain thought!) for needfu’ cash;
Some rhyme to court the countra clash, An’ raise a din;
For me, an aim I never fash; I rhyme for fun.

--Robert Burns (1759-1796)

In this issue:
  1. Free Writing Course
  2. Writing Goals
  3. The Business of Writing


1.Free Writing Courses

Last year one of my goals was to have at least one free writing course ready by June. Well, six months late, Writing Verse for Children is ready.

This particular course wasn't on my original list and it wasn't in the list of requested courses you sent me, but the material submitted for free sample edits demanded this course.

If you've ever thought of writing verse for children, you are welcome to sign up here.


2.Writing Goals

Last year I published my own writing goals on my Web site and offered other writers the option of publishing theirs as well. Those who chose to, could opt to receive 7 automated responses to keep pusuing their goals.

I've just set up a new set of reminders, and this is your invitation to submit your new goals -- or if you are like me, to continue some old goals.

The reminders this year are more comprehensive, and I think, better.

The form for submitting your goals is here.


3. The Business of Writing

I recently came across a great resource for writers who are concerned about the business end of things. I found the article and spreadsheet here helpful. You might as well.


Best wishes for a most successful new year.


P.S. If you have a topic you want me to cover in a future issue, hit the reply button and let me know.
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