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Results of Latest Self-Publishing Survey Editor's Notes 87
August 19, 2010

"When we mean to build,
We first survey the plot, then draw the model;
And when we see the figure of the house,
Then must we rate the cost of the erection."
-- William Shakespeare

In this issue:

1. Self-publishing survey result
2. Future issues
3. Tickled my funnybone

1.Self-publishing Survey Result
In the five months since the last issue of Editor's Notes one of the most exciting things for me was the opportunity to survey a group of self-published authors at a local writers' festival.

The Shakespeare quote that opens this issue uses survey as the verb related to construction. I had a survey like that done a few years ago when I wanted to know if I had enough room to put a deck on my house and stay within the bylaws of my town.

The survey I conducted with the group of writers took a look at what had already happened. I asked questions that would unearth some underlying principles about and common experiences related to self-publishing.

The two kinds of survey are related. You can use the results of my survey (noun) to survey (verb) the literary terrain in which you will publish.

The questions I asked in the survey challenged some of the writers. They may challenge you, too.

If you have ever considered self-publishing -- and more and more people are making that choice -- the stories of these writers may be your inspiration or your cautionary tale.

Putting up all the pages from the survey will take time. I will let you know in new issues of Editor's Notes when there are new pages. A good place to begin is the introductory page at


2. Future issues
Back in March I promised a return to giving suggestions for how a writer could use a Web site. I put that on hold to let you know about the self-publishing survey. My current plan is to revert to doing series, but to rotate series with each issue. For example, the plan for the next three issues is to do one issue on writers' Web sites, one on more survey results, and finally one on a more general writing topic, possibly a recurring problem I notice coming across my desk.

I always welcome comments, suggestions, and queries from subscribers.


3.Tickled my funnybone
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