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Editor's Notes #54, Dangers of Writing
July 13, 2008

Art is a community effort.
-- Allen Ginsberg

In this issue:

1. Killer Books
2. Over To You
3. The Godfather And Character Building
4. Coming Soon To A Web Site Near You

1.Killer Books
It's not what you might think. In fact, the books didn't actually kill anyone. But they sure put me out of commission for a while, and they've provoked a train of thought about the physical vulnerability of writers.

The short version is that I backed over a box of books and fell, hitting the wall before I landed on the floor. I twisted one knee, bruised my rib cage, and most critical, angered my hip and lower back muscle. Suddenly I could neither sit nor stand comfortably. That put a sudden halt on computer work.

Of course people with all sorts of physical challenges write and edit. And if I found myself suddenly unable to sit at my computer or read, I could invest in software that reads text aloud and types my spoken words.

But in the short term, a split second can call a quick order to downtool. If you count on writing to pay your bills, think about how you can cushion yourself financially. I have a buffer bank account, so I've been OK. How about you?

Besides being careful where and how you walk both frontward and backward, find ways to guard against unforeseen interruptions in your work.


2. Over To You
Writer's Helper has become more interactive. I've added software to the site that allows you to contribute directly.

So far, there are places where you can share writing tips, add book reviews of your favorite books for writers, ask questions related to writing and editing, and add your favorite resource for writers. You will also be able to answer questions of others and I hope you will.

Members of the writing community have so much to offer each other! I'm thrilled to be able to create a place to do this easily.

You can see the new functions at In fact, you may want to bookmark the page so you can find it quickly when you come across something you want to add.


3.The Godfather And Characters in Conflict
Thanks to David Wisehart for his article on The Godfather as an example of characters in conflict. Check it out.


4. Coming Soon To A Web Site Near You
Well, soon is a relative term, and this initiative is really only in the planning phase, but I wanted to tell you my idea and ask for your help.

Software keeps getting better and making more things possible. I am investigating ways to make my writing workshops available without having to travel. Not that I'm against travel. I'd love for you to pay my way to your place and then pay me to chat about writing. But let's face it, most of you aren't going to put up the sort of money that would cost.

Right now I'm investigating ways to deliver my current writing workshops through the Internet. This could be by print, audio, or video, including teleclasses where people connect through telephone lines to live classes or simple downloads. The current topics are listed at

I'd like to know which topic(s) you would be most interested in, which delivery method would work best for you, and what you think would be a reasonable fee. (Right now I'm thinking of recordings or videos of about 30 minutes because of download issues. Print material, of course, can be much longer.)


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