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The R.O.I. of regular review: Editor's Notes #344
July 21, 2021

Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time... The wait is simply too long.
—Leonard Bernstein

In this issue:

1. The R.O.I. of regular review
2. Tickled my funny bone
3. Interesting Web site
4. Writing prompt
5. My Covid-19 offer to you

1.The R.O.I. of regular review
Return on Investment (R.O.I.) of regular review recently hit me in physical terms. First, I had let a pile of notes to self grow beyond mole-hill size. Second, I am renovating my kitchen. Both experiences renewed my belief in regular review in my layperson life and got me thinking about how regular review helps me as a writer.

I mentioned regular review recently in regard to reading. In this issue I’m advocating review of other things. Here is the list I thought of. Feel free to add to it, and if you write to tell me about something I left off the list, I’ll add it in the next issue.

From time to time, go through files (digital and hard copies). Read what you’ve already written. Is there something that now inspires you to go back to it? Can you repurpose what you find? Does something cast a new light on your current project?

If you don’t have a place to keep ideas for writing, set one up. Hard copy or digital, as long as you have a place to keep your moments of inspiration, you are less likely to lose them. Once you have the place to store these gems, be sure to revisit them from time to time. The more often you review them, the more likely they will come to mind when you need them.

Revisit notes from writing courses and conferences. With the lapse of time, how can these reminders take you to a new level or the next step? Is there a human connection you can follow up on?

Review old newsletters. I keep a file for my favourite newsletters. I also archive Editor’s Notes.

The digital age has produced an overwhelming number of photos. Once in a while, scroll through yours. When you are reminded of something from a photo, you sometimes make connections you didn’t at the time you took the photo. If you don’t use your photos for anything else, use them as starters for new stories when you are stuck on an on-going project.

Regular reviewing of what you already have adds to the reservoir of inspiration, opening the door to more and better writing.

2.Tickled my funny bone
From a high school student:

In the Olympic games, Greeks ran races, jumped, hurled biscuits, and threw the java.

3. Interesting Web site
Discover what inspires ten creative people. What can you learn from their inspirations?

4. Writing prompt
Write about something lost that is found.

5. My Covid-19 offer to you
I am still on track to hold this offer open until September. The next issue will give the final date.

What follows is a copy and paste from issue number 309. The offer is still in force for you and anyone you choose to tell about it.

Along with the health threat hanging over the world, we are facing a huge financial hit. I’ve decided one thing I can do is to make quality editing less expensive during this trying time.

For subscribers to Editor’s Notes and their friends, I am suspending the fee for the sample edit to anyone using the code EN19 until I cancel this offer. I intend to keep this offer open as long as the world is in crisis with Covid-19 and its aftermath, so watch this space. I will give a warning here before I pull this offer. You can submit your writing sample at Be sure to click the link below the heading "Promotion Code" to get to the special form for a free sample edit. If you find yourself at a form before clicking the special link, scroll slowly back up the page, and you should see the link for the code (EN19).

But it gets better…

When I return an edited writing sample, I include quotes for the full range of my editing services. Until further notice, I will give a true quote, but I will not charge writers the full amount. I am discounting my services 50% for subscribers to Editor’s Notes and their friends. I will give a warning here before I pull this offer.

Feel free to pass this offer along to any writing friends you think may be interested. As long as anyone uses the code, I’ll honour the offer.

This is what I can offer you in this time of crisis. I hope it encourages you as you face possible illness and financial uncertainty.

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