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Which of three writing groups is for you? Editor's Notes #279
January 30, 2019

Remember: when people tell you something's wrong or doesn't work,
they are almost always right.
When they tell you exactly what's wrong and how to fix it,
they are almost always wrong.

—Neil Gaiman

In this issue:

1. Which of three writing groups is for you?
2. Tickled my funny bone
3. Interesting Web site
4. Writing prompt
5. A book designer to check out

1. Which of three writing groups is for you?
You can find a writing group on- or offline. Beyond that, what sort of writing group is for you?

There are three basic writing groups in this issue:
  • Support groups
  • Critique groups
  • Writing partners

The support group is similar to Weight Watchers. You sign in and report your status. Some of these allow you to read your writing to the group. Basically, however, these groups provide accountability. They offer the carrot of group approval and the stick of being embarrassed by your lack of progress.

The critique group focuses on improving your writing. These tend to work best with a closed group so people learn to trust other members. Some have an expert who critiques the work. These sometimes work like a writing class. Others have peer review of each member’s work. In these groups writers sometimes learn as much from the discipline of critiquing the work of others as they do from receiving critiques of their own writing.

Writing partners are like jogging buddies. You do the activity together. Some meet up physically to write. Some sign in and out online, reporting on what they’ve done. This is like the support group except that you do the actual work while the buddy also does his or her work.

In any of the basic types listed here, there can be a place for sharing information of the other aspects of writing:
  • How to deal with writer’s block
  • How to find an agent or publisher
  • Where to find other professionals related to writing and publishing
  • ….

You can search online or ask at your public library for both on- and offline writing groups. Choose one that helps you to meet your writing goals. Remember, too, that you can get nudges to keep going when you fill out the form at


2.Tickled my funny bone
On a septic truck
Caution: This truck is full of political promises.


3. Interesting Web site
Here is a place to meet other writers online. Use it as a jumping off place.

4. Writing prompt
The word support can be noun or a verb. Do an idea web or make a list of all the places your mind goes when you see the word support. When you feel you are done, write something about support.

A book designer to check out
This is the year to publish your book! Achieve your goals this year with SJBarnes Design. I am a book designer in Victoria BC, Canada and I would like to work with you to design your book! I have over 6 years experience in graphic design and I am looking to work with independent authors.

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