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Help to meet your writing goals: Editor's Notes #177
December 31, 2014

The new year stands before us,
like a chapter in a book,
waiting to be written.

--Melody Beattie

In this issue:

1. Your new chapter
2. Tickled my funnybone
3. Interesting Web site

1.Your new chapter
Like you, I have been planning changes for the coming year. Some are personal' some are professional. All are my attempt to do better in areas that are important to me.

Whatever your plans for the coming year, I wish you well. As in other years, offers seven free reminders to carry through with plans throughout the year to those who simply ask to be reminded.

When you are ready, submit your writing goal. Don't worry, you can choose to make your goal public, but you can also keep it private. In either case, you will receive the reminders.

Here is the link to the writing goals page:


2.Tickled my funnybone
A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.


3. Interesting Web site
For this issue only, the link here isn't to a Web site, but to an e-card with my New Year greeting to you.

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