If you could edit your own writing, save heaps of money, and still get your Web site, ebook, or other material the attention it deserves, wouldn't you?

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

"This Unique Ebook
Removes the Mystery From Editing
So You Can Do It Yourself"

Finally, an ebook that reveals editing secrets

so SBIers can self-edit with confidence!

You need answers...

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit shows you what to do and how to do it...


Evergreen Information Clearly Written

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit reveals the inside information professional editors know about how to approach the editing task. Written for today's writer, it provides both timeless information about how readers approach hard copy text, and up-to-date information about how reading from a screen is different.

Important information in simple language finally puts self-editing within your reach.

This ebook offers concrete advice
from a professional

Dear Fellow-SBIer,

I know how it feels to worry about your writing and not know where to find help.

I write myself, and as an editor, I work with writers like you all the time.

I decided to extend the help I give writers by writing out the solutions to the most common problems writers have and making them available to you.

Now my ebook helps writers to help themselves with those very real concerns about whether a text is good enough.

"I have finally made it through GYWFF. I love it!

You know how much I want to become a good writer and this book certainly helps. Why? Because it about editing, not writing. While reading it I realized that it's okay to make mistakes while writing, because you can always go back and fix them. Sounds silly, but for an anal engineer like me it's almost a revelation. Even though I've always known that I don't have to get it right in the first draft, GYWFF reinforces the point. Now I can relax while writing and enjoy the process a little more."

--Bill Drago, East Islip, NY
Bill Drago recommends  Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

When I began to share sections of the text as I was creating the book, the writers were thrilled.

Before I get into the details, let me introduce myself.

My name is Audrey Owen.

You may have seen my posts in the Solo Build It forums where I'm the Site Review moderator.

I've loved words since I was a wee mite who slept in a crib. At two I reeled off nursery rhymes. As a child, I read for hours curled up in the big green stuffed chair. In University, I studied English literature. As an adult, I taught both native English-speaking children and preservice ESL teachers how to use language to best advantage.

My natural love of language and my habit of asking how and why writing works the way it does or how and why it misses the mark caught the attention of peers and a professor of writing. With their encouragement, I began to edit formally.

Within the editing community, I've set myself apart by offering an educative edit that shows readers not only what needs to change, but why.

The response from my clients gives me daily confidence in the value of what I have to share.

So, just how will you benefit from my skill and experience?

You need a competitive edge. . .

"An excellent read, it's going to be really helpful to me when I have to write things for my employer.

I found the parts about paring paragraphs really useful."

--Lesley Pinkett, Ottery St Mary, England
Lesley Pinkett recommends  Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

When you write for the Internet...

You write for a different breed of reader than those who write for hard copy publication. Not only do you need to know the rules for hard copy writing, but you also need to know what makes reading from a computer screen different and how to help your reader through your message.

If you want to sell your work to a traditional publisher...

You probably know that only one in ten submitted manuscripts gets even a first read at a publishing house. That manuscript is error-free and written in a compelling style.

If you want to self-publish (and this includes ebooks)...

You face an uphill battle against the idea that all self-published material is second-rate. The idea has a solid foundation in reality. To overcome the prejudice, self-publishers who want sales must be better than the rest.

If you write for business...

Your words form your image as much as your power suit does. Within your business, you need your communications to be clear and concise. Time is money and confusion can lose you significant money.

"I'm working with analysts on improving their research reports, most of which are transmitted electronically. I was particularly interested in your comments about making onscreen reading material more readable."

--Barbara Andrews,
Quality Editor, Nerac, Inc.

When you write to clients, you need to be compelling as well as clear.

If you are a student...

Know this: Your instructors would not read most papers unless they were paid to do so. I've marked enough university-level assignments to know the effect of writing that makes a clear point in an interesting way.

Make no mistake, you do need to be making a good point to get a good grade. But if you are teetering between a B+ and an A, showing yourself to be articulate will tip the balance.

The Good News Is...
"You save time and money
because you increase your productivity!"

Yes, Get Your Writing Fighting Fit removes the guesswork from your self-editing. No more wandering aimlessly through your text. Follow a system to fully check for the most common errors.

Briefly, Get Your Writing Fighting Fit gives you a system for editing your own work. It removes the mystery from what an editor does with your text, so you can do it yourself.

That's right, you can edit yourself!

Why You Must Use Get Your Writing Fighting Fit...

The upsides of using Get Your Writing Fighting Fit are numerous and compelling:

You will learn how to self-edit. You will know what to look for and how to fix problems you find.

You will save money. For less than what you would pay for an hour of editing, you have the information you need to improve your own writing. Even if you go on to hire a professional editor, your editing costs will be lower because the editor can use a lighter hand. Time is money, and the less the editor has to change, the less you should be paying for your edit. And as an SBIer, you get a great discount!

You will stop worrying and write with confidence. With a system in place for editing, you can focus on your ideas as you write.

You will get fast results. Good editors usually have a desk piled with work. When you can edit your own writing, you can work to your own schedule. You will never have to pay rush fees again.

You take control of your own written expression. When you become adept at fixing your own writing problems, you say what you want to say with certainty.

Your writing moves you to the top of the pile. Whether you are luring the Search Engines, dealing with a publisher's slush pile, a professor's pile of assignments, or the dog pile of competition in the office, writing with clarity moves you to the top.

You will discover how easily you can edit your own work. A checklist keeps you focused on one task at a time.

You can rest easy that your written work is as good as it can be. When you are done, you are done. You can move on to other tasks as you grow your business. You won't be longing to reach into the mail box to retrieve your manuscript, letter, or assignment. You can move on.

As I write this, other writers are going through their words, checklist in hand, confidently hunting down and eliminating problems in their writing.

"I just downloaded your new e-book and read it front-to-back. I love it. It's all substance. Very useful.

You're now an important part of my metamorphosis as a writer."

--Charles Tutt
Columbia, MO, USA
Charles Tuff recommends Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

When I started using a system like the one I have put into Get Your Writing Fighting Fit, I was impressed by how relaxed I became about the whole process. I use this system on my own writing and on the writing of my clients.

Writers who have used Get Your Writing Fighting Fit speak highly of it. My clients often say how helpful my explanations are.

I wanted to create a tool geared to your needs as a writer. I believe I've done just that.

"Thanks for the technical explanation of reading longer words. It makes sense, and gives me something to aim for."

--Cathy Campbell, Queensland, Australia
Cathy Campbell recommends Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

"11 Crucial Chapters"...

Each chapter of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit zeros in on one specific aspect of self-editing.

These are the topics I comment on most frequently when I edit for clients. Most of the material is simply what every good editor knows, but I've also included material I have not seen anywhere else -- material I believe offers unique insights into the reading and writing process.

Here is what you'll get in the 11 Chapters of Get Your Writing Fighting Fit:
  • A systematic way to go through your text looking for common problems.
  • An explanation of why you need to make changes and suggestions for how to make them.
  • An emphasis on the part of speech that drives your message home.
  • A recipe for serving up nourishing writing without the killer fat your competitors use.
  • Lists of things to avoid.
  • A special section on writing for the screen -- the computer screen that is.
  • A chapter on the verb that will send your reader swiftly to sleep.
  • A way to find -- and tame -- the dreaded passive voice.
  • A chapter on the paragraph and how to know when to create a new one, including the answer to the question, "What do a Big Mac and an open faced sandwich have to do with writing paragraphs?" (I just know you've been staying up nights wondering about THAT one.)
  • A way to discover what your readers are looking for when they read your book -- and how to write so they know you are meeting their needs.
  • A chapter on how to write leads that compel your readers to stay with you.
You'll wonder how you got along without it.

Bottom line: Get Your Writing Fighting Fit guides you through the editing maze so you can be the successful writer you were meant to be.

"As soon as I started reading, I quickly realized that your book would help me to review and edit my work with a much more critical eye. Your book offers excellent advice and practical tips to improve our writing skills."

--Lyn Huet, Calgary, Alberta
Lyn Huet recommends Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

You'll Also Get A BONUS In The Form Of
3 Appendices

Learn the common shorthand of professional editors. Using only a handful of the markup symbols will speed and simplify your self-editing.

Check the list of commonly misused and confusing words before you put your work out into the world. I sort out the confusion and give you examples to improve your understanding.

Use the list of additional resources to learn more about specialty areas of writing or editing. Every item in the extensive list is a personal recommendation from me.

All the features you need
to take control of your manuscript!

This ebook gives you the best of both worlds.

Print out the downloaded pdf file and mark it up as you would any other book. In particular, you'll want to print out the quick assessment steps.

Use it on your computer where you can use the search feature and linking capability that finds you the exact material you need immediately.

As an SBIer, you pay only $15!

(Others pay the regular price of $29.)

That's right. Thanks to Ken's tough negotiating skills, you can save money and begin to successfully edit your own work, NOW!

Clicking the link below takes you to a secure page where you can pay for the book and receive instructions on how to download it. Within minutes you can be on your way to a lifetime of DIY editing.


My best wishes to you as you continue to grow as a writer.

PS I am confident that you will find Get Your Writing Fighting Fit to be just what you are looking for. But if you do decide for any reason that it is not, this is my personal guarantee, backed by ClickBank, the online distributor, that you will receive your money back if you ask within 8 weeks.

PPS I am a Canadian, but the material applies to writers of English anywhere.

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