Editor's Blog October 2006

Oct 31, 2006: A Book Launch

Barb and Dave headed out across Canada in an RV. Barb, as a self-publishing writer, turned the trip into a book.

Barb's book is available. In fact, until November 16, she is offering a pre-release discount.

If a book descirbed as

a heartwarming story of belief in following your dreams, market and tourism information, and free camping
is just what you need, you can contact Barb directly.

Contact information:

Call toll free 1-866-373-260714
7624 Duncan Street
Powell River, B.C.

V8A 5L2

e-mail dreambg1 AT shaw.ca (Replace AT with @. I do not publish e-mail addresses because SPAM bots can harvest them.)

www.write2 dream.com

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Oct 30, 2006: Why One Writer Uses Noms Do Plume

L.A. Banks, Leslie Banks, or Leslie Eisdale Banks, and Leslie Eisdale are all the same writer. In an interview, she explains why she writes under different names.

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Oct 30, 2006: Editor Costs

Hiring an editor can seem expesive. Lee Haffner tells what it cost her when she didn't hire an editor for her book.

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Oct 28, 2006: Editor's Credentials

An editor answers: How do you check an editor's credentials? What credentials must an editor have?

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Oct 28, 2006: Are You Making Maximum Money From Your Book?

Authors who make money only from their books are missing valuable multiple revenue streams. Joan Stewart shows authors how to write special reports, host teleseminars and create other information products that go ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!

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Oct 28, 2006: New Children's Magazine Launches

Crow Toes Quarterly, a new magazine for children 8 to 13 years old, expects to put out its first issue in January 2007. They are calling for submissions. If you have a story that's on the dark side, this may be for you.

Be warned, there is no pay from this magazine at this time. Clips only.

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Oct 28, 2006: Self-Publishing Mentor

Learn how a mentor can help a self-publishing writer.

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Oct 27, 2006: Looking For Used Books or First Editions?

I've just discovered Woodgate Book Cabin. I haven't used it myself, but I've noted it for the time when I want something sepcific.

Here's what the home page of their site says. . .

Woodgate Book Cabin is a second hand book seller based in the UK offering quality used books at great prices. Based in West Sussex, UK, we like to concentrate on the Autobiography/Biography, Crime Fiction, and True Crime genres.We do of course, carry stock of many other genres too!

Our First Edition section is mainly for the collectors, and covers all genres at present, but differs in the fact, that these items were 'first off the press'. We are glad to supply more detailed information on any of these items by request. Collectors of first editions may also be interested in our Uncorrected Proof category.

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Oct 25, 2006: Interview With Children's Writer And Screenwriter, Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz got into writing for children on a rainy day when boredom drove him to write the beginning of a children's story.

He continued to write for kids on the side as a hobby while pursuing his main job, screenwriting.

With the Alex Rider series, he as married his job and his hobby as he writes screenplays for the books he writes about Alex Rider, teen hero.

If you are interested in the lives of other writers, this interview is for you. . .

Oct 25, 2006: What is an editor?

An editor answers the questions: What is an editor's job? What are the qualities of a good editor?

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Oct 23, 2006: Write A Novel In A Month

November is Write a Novel Month. Start on November 1 and finish at least 50,000 words by midnight November 30. By my count, that's 5-6 pages per day. That's the challenge.

You'll be in good company. In 2005, over 59,000 writers participated. Nearly 10,000 of them crossed the 50k finish line by the midnight deadline, entering into the annals of NaNoWriMo superstardom forever.

For more information on how you can join the ranks of exhuasted writers, click the link below.

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Oct 22, 2006: Editing Services FAQ

Commonly asked questions about editing services answered by an editor.

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Oct 22, 2006: Creative Writing Makes Better Doctors

Dr. Anna Reisman of Yale researched the effect of a creative writing workshop on medical residents. The residents reported that the writing helped them understand their own emotions better and also gave them insights into the feelings of their patients.

"Focusing on the craft of writing, in other words, provides a means of increasing one's powers of observation and improving one's understanding of both self and others," the researchers reported in the Journal of General of Internal Medicine.

One would hope that creative writing makes us all better people as we carefully observe both ourselves and those around us. If creative writing helps doctors understand us, we all benefit.

Oct 21, 2006: Governor General's Award In Poetry

In Canada, we get pretty excited about The Governor General's Awards. They recognize the best in Canadian literature.

Well, the local literary community here has even more reason to be excited this year. One of our own is shortlisted!

Here is John Pass's press release. (You may not make the reading, but do check out his books.)

John Pass's most recent book, Stumbling In the Bloom, has been nominated for the 2006 Governor General's Award in Poetry. The winner will be announced November 21st but we're not waiting to celebrate! Everyone's invited to cheer the book on at The Arts Centre in Sechelt on Friday, November 10th at 8 pm.

The Governor General's Awards are Canada's oldest and most prestigious literary prizes. Stumbling in the Bloom is one of five books selected from 123 eligible poetry titles published in the country last year. The judges' nomination statement reads: John Pass balances intellect and humility in Stumbling in the Bloom. His poems celebrate the natural world, while painting portraits of our flawed but singular "human family."

An earlier review of Stumbling In the Bloom noted that Pass,"achieves the delicate maneuver of writing about beauty and happiness without irony or certainty,"(BC Bookworld) and the Vancouver Sun has called him "the best writer in Canada you never heard of until now." Reading, refreshments, book-signing. Free admission courtesy of Oolichan Books.

Oct 21, 2006: Resources and Gifts

Resources for the writer, including gifts others can give. Follow links to pages within Writer's Helper Web site and to other sites of value to find the best resources available on the Web.

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Oct 21, 2006: Self Publishing Venues

Self-publishing options include traditional self-publishing, POD, e-books, Web sites, blogs, and rss.

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Oct 19, 2006: Edna Staebler Award For Creative Non-fiction Winner

Francis Chalifour's novel, After, has won the Edna Staebler Award For Creative Non-fiction.

Wilfrid Laurier University administers the award that is given to a beginning Canadian writer whose work is signifcant in Canada.

Chalifour is published in both English and French.

Oct 19, 2006: The End Of The Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Daniel Handler has written 13 novels as Lemony Snicket. The Series of Unfortunate Events is not your run-of-the-mill feel good writing usually offered to young people. A dark and gloomy atmosphere pervades every book in the series. How better to end, than with number 13?

The last book, The End was launched on Friday, October 13. Although you could start reading with the last book, it would be best to start at the beginning. Lemony Snicket is done with this series, but we can hope for more from Daniel Handler.

Oct 19, 2006: Aboriginal Writer Honored

Larry Loyie tours libraries in BC for the First Nations Communities Read program as an aboriginal writer.

Loyie uses his own experiences growing up in northern Alberta to write stories that present aboriginal people in a positive light. When the Spirits Dance and As Long as the Rivers Flow teach respect for the land and celebrate aboriginal values.

He and and his co-author, Constance Brissenden, have also produced The Gathering Tree, a book to help adults talk about HIV/AIDS to children. The book is well researched and contains accurate medical information.

Oct 16, 2006: Meet the Writers Helper - Editing Services for Self Publishers

Meet the Writers' Helper who offers custom-designed editing services, with a sample edit.

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Oct 14, 2006: My Life As a Dyslexic

A dyslexic writer tells the story of how she became an author with dyslexia.

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Oct 13, 2006: Booker Prize Winner Announced

Kiran Desai, 35, won the Booker Prize the novel she took eight years to write. The Inheritance of Loss is her second novel.

Desai's mother, Anita, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize three times without winning.

The Booker Prize is awarded for the best original full-length novel written by a citizen of the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland in the English language and includes an award of £50,000.

Other books shortlisted this year were The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, Mother's Milk by Edward St Aubyn, The Secret River by Kate Grenville, Carry Me Down by M.J. Hyland, and In The Country of Men by Hisham Matar.

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Oct 10, 2006, Copywriting

Good copywriting leads a reader to a specific response. Learn what makes a good copywriter and check out a great copywriting resource.

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Oct 9, 2006, Copy Editors

An editor outlines the work of copy editors.

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Oct 8, 2006, Books For Writers

Books for writers recommneded by editor, Audrey Owen. Buy them for yourself or for a friend.

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Oct 1, 2006, What are substantive editors?

An editor answers the question, "What are substantive editors, or structural editors?"

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Oct 1, 2006, Editor's Blog September 2006

Archive of Editor's blog with breaking news of interest to self-publishing authors.

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