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Editor's Notes, March 30, 2004 --How "readable" is your writing?
March 30, 2004

"You write with ease to show your breeding,
But easy writing's curst hard reading."
--Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816)

Don't make your writing any harder to read than absolutely necessary. Good writing takes the reader step by step toward its conclusion. Have you visited the Writer's Helper Readability page lately? It will help you to help your readers toward understanding.

True Stories

What is your favorite kind of story?

Paul Blakey of The Self-Publisher's Club writes:

I like true stories the best, so when SiteSell came out with a new page called "Case Studies" I was immediately interested.

And I think you should be too.


Because these are real stories by real people just like you and me...

For example:

Rob Oskins, from Nebraska, U.S.A., has built a tremendous infopreneurial site called "Best Kid Games Online." In a relatively short time, he has developed a strong Web presence, an Alexa score in the Top 1%. He's also an excellent example of an infopreneur who's moving forward to the next logical monetization step... creating and selling your own products. In Rob's case, he'll be selling his own e-book soon.


From Canada, Judd Burdon went from "dead-end asphalt man to cutting edge digital man" in less than a year. His is a fascinating story, one that may revolutionize Network Marketing...


From Australia, Allan Gardyne, the Internet's #1 affiliate authority, challenged an employee, a "Net marketing novice," to use SBI! to build an affiliate site. That first success led to "well, can he do it again?" second experiment. Yes, anyone can do this, and they can do it more than once...

Rupert did it the first time, his story baring it all...

The fears. The insecurities.

The important things he did that led to his success.

And then he did it again. With confidence this time. His second site became an even bigger success than the first!.

Written by Rupert, with comments by his employer, Allan Gardyne of fame (the leading affiliate expert on the planet), this is an absolute must-read, even if you are not interested in becoming an affiliate. Why?

Because it's a powerful demonstration of exactly how Rupert did it, and why the infopreneurial C T P M process works so well.


Everything... even if you choose not to use any of the SiteSell tools, reading how other people use the internet to achieve their goals is highly inspiring.

Check out the site, read a selection of the articles and start thinking how you could use the same ideas to publish and market your own books...

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