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Editor's Notes, January 17, 2004 --A marketing resourse
January 17, 2004

1.Why should you write today?

Because only you have your message.

2. Do you find yourself wondering how to form conditional verbs?

Those are the pesky constructions that begin, If....

The best explanation I have ever found is at When I tried to print it out I could get only one page, but I selected the entire text, copied, and then pasted it into my word processing program. It goes on for 5 pages, but it answers every question I could imagine anyone asking. (This link is also fragile. If will not work from the email, do a google search. Type in conditionl +grammar. Near the bottom of the first page (today -- listings change constantly) you will find their hot link titled Conditional Verb Forms.)

Remember, you can ask any grammar question at

3. Not just for self publishers: Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual is a gold mine for self-publishers. But any writer can get invaluable advice about marketing from this easy-to-read volume. Find out how to be sure you are listed in the best resources, reviewed in the most powerful journals, and interviewed by the most important media outlets to promote your book. All authors, even those published by the most robust publishing houses, need to market their own books to get the best sales results. Dan Poynter knows how.

On January 17, 2004 at 2:00 PM PST, in the US this book was listed as $13.
If you prefer, you can shop in Canada.

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