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Editor's Notes #25, July 5,2005 -- Copywriting: Creating A Need
July 05, 2005

"Create a need for your product
in the mind of your market
and its value automatically exceeds its true cost."
--Patrick Quinn PhD

In this issue:

1. Copywriting: Creating A Need
2. Grammar: To or And
3. Editor's Choice Contest

Copywriting: Creating A Need
I'm a self-publisher so you can imagine that I like to do things myself. When I read that some copywriters get paid $5000 per page (Yes, that's three zeros!) I got really interested in learning how to do my own copywriting.

Copywriting is the term for writing text that sells someone on something. Good copywriting, copywriting that sells, creates a need for the product. If you're self-publishing a book, you need some serious copywriting. Create a need for your book.

Notice that I said I got interested in learning how to copywrite. I still don't copywrite for anyone else. This is a highly specialized field.

I have, however, found two resources that are helpful.

I read the first one about three years ago and still believe it has the best information for writing copy for the Web. Although there are differences between print copy and Web copy, there are enough similarites that I wouldn't be without

The second e-book has a large thesaurus with the sorts of words copywriters use to pull on the emotions and get the sale. But it has much more. The writer, who has a doctorate degree and 30 years in the business, gives samples of print copywriting with permission to copy or alter them for your own use. He's British, but he has a US version as well as a British version of his e-book. You can check out his book at


Grammar: To or And?
When do you use and and when do you use to?

I want to try and finish this newsletter today.
I want to try to finish this newsletter today.

And joins equal things. Are try and finish equal? Well, they are both verbs. Let's expand this sentence to what it really means grammatically:

I want to try this newsletter today and I want to finish this newsletter today.
That's nonsense.


I can contract the sentence and take out the finish.

I want to try this newsletter today.
Still nonsense.

I am going to try to do something, so I need to instead of and.


Editor's Choice Writing Contest
Check out the latest Editor's Choice writing contest at

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