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Editor's Notes #24, May 31,2005 -- E-Book Sales Soaring
May 31, 2005

“Ebook publishing is the fastest way to get published now.”
--James Dillehay

This is a one-topic issue. It's all about e-books and the all-you-need-to-know resource I've found.

E-Book Sales Soaring
According to the Association of American Publishers (AAP), e-book sales in rose from $211,000 in January 2002 to more than $3.3 million in January 2003. And those sales continue to skyrocket. The latest numbers show sales in March 2005 up 69.9% over sales in the same quarter the previous year.

So what's stopping you from publishing your e-book?

It can't be the money. This is the least expensive self-publishing venue.

It can't be the lack of content. You're a writer, after all.

Could it be ignorance or fear of the process?

When I began to seriously consider publishing e-books, I went on my customary hunt for information. My usual approach is to keep looking until all the information I find begins to sound repetitive.

In the case of e-books, I stumbled on a brilliant resource early on. James Dillehay has written many e-books himself. Then he wrote the best book on the whole process any writer could dream of.

James is an excellent researcher. He writes clearly. He is thorough. When I was finished reading his book, he had answered every question I had about writing e-books, and many I didn't know enough to ask.

If you have any questions about e-books, from writing, to producing, to marketing, check out his book.

Hint: Buy the e-book version from the link at the bottom of the page. One advantage of e-books is their hyperlinks and James provides excellent links. You can hop back and forth from his text to the sites he recommends.


Have you written an e-book yourself? I'm always looking for author stories to help other visitors to Writer's Helper. Check out the Submission Guidelines.

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