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Editor's Notes #23, May 10,2005 -- Free Advertising For Your Work
May 10, 2005

May 10, 2005 Hello,
"The media are in the news-gathering business;
they want to hear from you."
--Dan Poynter

In this issue:
  1. News Releases, Not Press Releases
  2. What To Expect From A News Release
  3. Free Worldwide Distribution
  4. A Great Marketing Resource


News Releases, Not Press Releases
I've called this "News Releases" instead of "Press Releases" because writers forget that what the media producers want is news.

It's important to you that you've published your book, but frankly, the world doesn't care. Standing on your stump and yelling, "I've got a book published!" isn't going to make them care, either.

The way to get the attention of the media is to link your book to something newsworthy. If your book has any hope of selling, it must speak to some need in the reader.

Climb inside the head of your reader. What need are your meeting? Now think of a tantalizing way to word that link.

If you live in a region with a small population, your local media may very well think your publication date is news. By all means, toot your horn locally. Just don't forget the bigger picture.


What To Expect From A News Release

A news release will not sell many copies of your book. What it will do is let others know you are a newsworthy person with something to say.

If you write your release well enough, it will be reproduced as is. But its real value will be the contacts for interviews. Those interviews will sell books.

Be sure to include your contact information.


Free Worldwide Distribution
If you have a legitimate news release, submit it for free to PRWeb. This site is great! It tells you exactly how to write to make the best impression. This site targets the releases to those who sign up to receive them.


A Great Marketing Resource

The book I recommend most to self-publishing writers is The Self-Publishing Manual. That will link you to If you prefer to shop in the US, click here.

I've written a bit about writing news releases at That page is written for hard copy releases, but the content information applies to web based releases as well.

If this newsletter has been helpful to you, please pass it on to a friend. And if you are a friend who recieved this as a gift, you can subscribe for yourself at .

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