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Editor's Notes #21, March 8,2005 -- The ***ing Problem
March 08, 2005

"It is perfectly okay to write garbage
--as long as you edit brilliantly."
--C. J. Cherryh

In this issue:

  1. Results From Predators And Editors Awards
  2. Writing Tip: The Problem With ***ing
  3. Search It!: A Writer's On-line Friend
  4. Writers And The Web Workshop


Results From Predators And Editors Awards

A huge thank you to all of you who voted for me at Predators and Editors! I didn't win, but given that I put out the word with only four days left to vote, my sixth place finish put a big smile on my face. You can check out the results here. Remember my warning about navigating this site. If you find something you like -- besides the link to my site -- bookmark it or you may never find your way back.


Writing Tip: The Problem With ***ing

It seemed like a plot. Well, that may be a bit extreme.

Maybe more like a schoolgirls' plan. "I'll wear my blue sweater tomorrow. You wear yours, too, O.K.?"

Change that to, "I'll send Audrey lots of -ing words. You send her lots, too, O.K.?"

And they did! I frequently see words with -ing endings being misused, but having back-to-back clients who used -- or misused -- -ing words on every page put this problem on my hit list.

Do you misuse -ing words?

There are at least two ways to confuse your reader with an -ing word.

Check out the Writer's Style Guide page at to see if you have an -ing problem. You'll need to scroll down the page to find this section. It's worth it.


Search It!: A Writer's On-line Friend

There's a nifty little tool designed to help Web masters research for their sites. It has features writers can use, too.

It's called Search It!. It's free! And it's easy to use.

The part most useful for writers is called "Reference Library for Content." Check it out and see what you think. For every search, make sure you click on the link after Step 2. This tool is set up to submit your search perfectly for each site you'll investigate. (Search It! is always being up-dated, so bookmark it and use it over time.)


Writers And The Web Workshop

If you are going to be near the Sunshine Coast in southern British Columbia on April 23, I invite you to attend Writers And The Web, a workshop I'll be presenting for the Sunshine Coast School of Writing. If you think you'd like to come, e-mail me and I will put you in touch with Carol, the registrar.

And if you can't come? Don't despair. I'm planning to write a series of pages for my Web site on the topic. And I am organizing a two-for-one Web site sale to run concurrently with the course. You can get together with a friend and buy two Web sites for the price of one. Check out the very best Web host/software/e-book provider for small Web businesses. But don't buy a site until the two-for-one sale. I'll send more information on the sale in the next issue of Editor's Notes.

If you are not able to click on the URLs above, cut and paste the one you want into your browser.

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