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Editor's Notes #17, December 13,2004 --POD contracts compared
December 13, 2004

Imagine your own lawyer giving you advice on your print on demand contract.

Imagine having someone to research 74 Print on Demand companies for you.

Imagine that researcher writing a report on each company.

Imagine that he put it all in an e-book

No, you are not dreaming!

But I thought I was when Mark Levine, a graduate of Georgetown University who is a corporate and entertainment attorney, sent me a copy of his e-book because he thought my clients might want it.

Even though a lawyer wrote this, it is easy to read. It's laid out clearly and all the baffle gab is taken out of the contract language. Levine explains what you should watch for in a contract and why.

Then he produced a chart in which he rates and compares 74 different POD companies. I hadn't even heard of many of them and of course all the major companies are there.

If you click on the name of any company in the chart, you are taken to a full description of its services and the reasons for Levine's rank. Every company is given a number out of 10. He says 7 or more is acceptable.

I am clearly gaga over the content of the book. I'm not as thrilled with its physical properties. It could look better and I missed the clickablility I've come to expect in the Table of Contents of an e-book.

That said, there is no way to lose money on this if you are considering using a POD company. And even if you aren't, the explanations of contract language from someone of his calibre is still valuable to any writer.

This book normally sells for $27 and is well worth it. I will be putting a link to it on my Web site because I believe it is a premium resource. But right now, and until December 25, it is only $17, which is unbelievably low for this book.

You just can't lose!

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