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Editor's Notes, September 30, 2004 --Tax deductions for writers, submit a chapter, book launch
September 30, 2004

"All my life, I always wanted to be somebody.
Now I see that I should have been more specific.
-- Jane Wagner

Three topics this month get specific about writerly issues.

Tax breaks for writers
An American accountant who specializes in artistic clients participated in a recent on-line chat. Although he is American, most of his advice works equally well for Canadian writers. Of course you are always best to check with a professional in your own jurisdiction, but you can be proactive in taking questions or suggestions to the accountant of your choice.

The archive is at

Submit a chapter
If you have a Young Adult (YA) or teen novel, you can submit chapter 1 to and ask for a link to your site. You can see how one author is selling his own book on-line.

Book launch
Benjmin Madison spins a wonderful tale. In fact, when I edited Night Studies, I thought I was editing a memoire. Only when he altered "facts" did I realize I was working on fiction. Night Studies is the Cupid's arrow that will draw you to the hearts and lives of African children as Benjamin knows them from his time teaching in Africa. It's available through Trafford. Even if you don't plan to buy the book, read the first story on-line at

If you are not able to click on the URLs above, cut and paste the one you want into your browser.

Remember, you can ask any editing question at

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