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Are You Getting All Your Money? Editor's Notes 85
March 15, 2010

...the speech would have sounded far finer from the lips of its author.
-- Pliny the Younger

In this issue:

1. The Speaking Writer
2. Payment for library use
3. Tickled my funnybone
4. Interesting Web site

1.The Speaking Writer
We've been looking at ways a writer can use the Web.

Any writer can promote his or her speaking ability on the Web. You can go generic and simply list the fact that you can speak. (That's what I did in the workshop section of my site.)

But much better would be to have a video clip of you speaking.

Come on, get out from under the couch. This really doesn't hurt.

Speaking is a good way to give your books a boost. Authors are always talking about their books: in libraries, in schools, in service club meetings, and at conferences, pretty much anywhere the pubic will listen. Haul along a few of your books and you'll get some sales.

So, sell yourself as a speaker.

An excellent way to do that is to create a short video clip of yourself speaking. If you don't have an actual gig, get a group of friends to sit like an audience and talk to them. Two minutes would be plenty.

I'm betting that people who visit your Web site would click on your video to check you out.

This is definitely a case of do as I say and not as I do because I don't have a video of me promoting my speaking skills. Frankly, right now I don't have time to take on any gigs. Besides, when people know I'm a teacher, they assume I can speak. And they'd be right.

But in the make-a-video department, I do know what I'm talking about. A few years ago, I decided to enter a video contest. I bought my first ever video camera in mid-November and had submitted my entry by the December 13 deadline in spite of complete computer melt-down at the same time. That video won an honorable mention and showed me I could do it.

One day I'll set up a group and make a promotional video showing what a great speaker I'd be for anyone's group because I know it will work.

In the mean time, you can see my video at be inspired at

2.Payment For Library Use
Did you know that you can get money if your book is in public libraries? Read my article about it at


3.Tickled my funnybone
Is a book on voyeurism a peeping tome?


4. Interesting Web site
The Public Lending Right Commission's site explains all about how its program works.


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