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Your Character's Online Life and Work, Editor's Notes 84
February 28, 2010

"Character is the very life of fiction.
Setting exists so that the character has someplace to stand,
something that can help define him,
something he can pick up and throw, if necessary, or eat, or give to his girlfriend.
Plot exists so the character can discover for himself
(and in the process reveal to the reader) what he,
the character, is really like:
plot forces the character to choice and action,
transforms him from a static construct to a lifelike human being making choices
and paying for them or reaping the rewards.
And theme exists only to make the character stand up and be somebody:
theme is elevated critical language for what the character's main problem is."

--John Gardner

In this issue:

1. Fiction and the Web #2
2. Tickled my funnybone
3. Interesting Web site

1. Fiction and the Web #2: Your Character's Online Life and Work
This is the second look we're taking at how a writer of fiction can maximize use of a Web site. All authors can use a page about their book so prospective buyers can have a look. But a Web site can be so much more.

A good Web site companion to a book can be a money-earner all on its own.

How, you ask?

One way is through character. Every fiction book has a main character.

Is your main character a cook? Write the recipes on your site. Then link to sites that sell cooking equipment and supplies. You can get advertisers to pay for real estate on your site.

Is your main character an athlete? Give tips or schedules on your Web site. Link to sites that sell sports equipment. (See the comment above about advertising.)

Does your main character have a hobby? Hobby sites can make big money. (See "advertising" above.)

What is your main character's problem? Does it move you? Link to sites that offer solutions to people with problems like those of your character. Better yet, write a great site on the topic yourself. There are many ways to make money from that while making the world a better place.

See for other ideas for making money. There will be at least one there that you can tie to your fiction book.


2.Tickled my funnybone
"Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers"


3. Interesting Web site
The Writers' Union of Canada is open only to published Canadian writers or writers resident in Canada or aboriginal or indigenous writers resident in Canada, but its site has great information for other writers as well.


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