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Editor's Notes #68, Recession-Busting Offer For Writers
February 28, 2009

Economy does not lie in sparing money,
but in spending it wisely.

-- Thomas Henry Huxley

In this issue:

1. Recession-Busting Offer For Writers
2. Tickled My Funnybone

1. Recession-Busting Offer For Writers
A terrific opportunity is waiting for 10 writers who have material ready to be edited!

If you have work that is ready to share with an editor, the recession-busting offer for writers is for you.

Normally, writers pay me US$20 for a sample edit on 500 words. When they go on to hire me to edit the rest of their work, I give them a rebate of US$20. You can read more about the full process at

Ten writers are about to get up to US$40 worth of free editing and one will receive up to US$1000 worth of free editing.

The ten writers will submit 500 words for a sample edit. If they go on to hire me for further editing at any time in the future, they will receive a US$20 discount in place of the rebate they would have received if they had paid for the sample edit.

I will do a random draw from the 10 sample edits to choose one writer to receive US$1000 worth of editing to be used by September 1, 2009.

There is no obligation involved in taking advantage of the 10 recession-buster sample edits, but I hope that at least some of those who do so will answer some questions related to my editing. I want to use your comments to improve and advertise my service. The writer who receives the free subsequent editing will be expected to provide extensive feedback.

How to Submit Your Writing
This is a first-come-first-served offer. I will take the first 10 submissions that arrive with all information filled in. Here is what you'll need:
In a reply to this newsletter, copy and paste the headings below.
Fill in the requested information.

Recession-busting headings
First Name:
Last Name:
What are you writing(book, ebook, etc.):
Number of words in completed text (an estimate is fine):
Proposed title:
Paste in your 500 words here:


2. Tickled My Funnybone
This offering is from Valerie in Beijing. Thanks, Valerie!
"Quarter Of A Million Chinese Live On Water"


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