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Editor's Notes #47, Showing contrast
November 30, 2007

"Books aren't written; they're rewritten.
Including your own.
It is one of the hardest things to accept,
especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it."

--Michael Crichton

In this issue:

1. Commma Use #7, Showing contrast

2. Get Your Writing Fighting Fit -- I Am

1. Comma Use #7, Showing contrast

We are continuing with the series on the uses of the comma. To see the uses we discussed previously, click on the link below to the newsletter archive.

Use a comma to show the contrast between the parts of a sentence.

Examples: I ordered a ham sandwich, not soup.

I ate the spinach, but left the tomato.

2. Get Your Writing Fighting Fit -- I Am

The more I work on the self-editing book, Get Your Writing Fighting Fit, the more excited I am about it.

Of course, I'm using it to edit it, which should make it even better than it is in its early drafts.

I am still on track to offer it to subscribers for a discount prior to the official launch. I'll keep you posted.


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