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Editor's Notes #45, Interruptions and Commas
September 30, 2007

Life is tons of discipline.
Your first discipline is your vocabulary;
then your grammar and your punctuation.

-- Robert Frost

In this issue:

1. Commma Use #5: Interruptions and Commas
2. Revisiting Alice Taylor

1. Comma Use #5: Interruptions and Commas

We are continuing with the series on the uses of the comma. To see the uses we discussed previously, click on the link below to the newsletter archive.

If you interrupt the normal word order, you show that part of the text is an interruption by placing that part of the text between commas.

Normally, you would write, The smooth and creamy pudding sat in a crystal bowl. If you wanted to emphasize the qualities of the pudding, you might change the order of the words.

Example: The pudding, smooth and creamy, sat in a crystal bowl.

Note that two commas set off the bit that is out of normal order, one before and one after the text that is out of order.

2. Revisiting Alice Taylor

Alice Talyor has been honing her craft for years. Some of you have read her story on the Writer's Helper Web site, My Life As A Dyslexic. She has her own Web site where she blogs about her writing.


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